Headteacher’s Welcome Message

We wish you a very warm welcome to the Birkwood Primary School website and hope that by using this site you will get a picture of our vision, aims and the values we uphold.

It is a huge honour for me to write as Headteacher of our lovely school. We are striving to deliver an exciting knowledge-based curriculum and of course, are extremely mindful of the impact of COVID 19. 

We have undertaken a thorough Risk Assessment in order to minimise risk, which is regularly updated.

Our school is a caring, supportive and family orientated community where we encourage our children to ‘be the best that they can be’.  This is achieved by us having an exciting and relevant curriculum that meets our children’s needs. We seek to develop the whole child, harnessing and celebrating each of their unique talents, strengths and personalities.

Our high quality learning environments include a Trim Trail on the large playing field, a purpose built children's kitchen, so that they can cook as part of their learning in Science, Maths and Literacy.   Thanks to Big Lottery Grant and Tesco ‘Bags for Help’ funding, we also have a community and sensory garden area where children grow vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs.  In addition, we have a potting shed and poly tunnel, thanks to Community First Grant funding.  

Our strong and committed Governing Body have made the decision to keep class sizes as small as possible in Foundation Stage to ensure high quality support for our youngest children. We have outstanding provision in our Early Years Foundation Stage Unit with 2 mini-ICT suite areas and excellent outdoor facilities.

At Birkwood, we recognise and value the vital contributions that our parents, families and wider community make in the education of our children.  Birkwood is truly a family and we are very proud of our #IncredibleCommunity.

Our school’s life is underpinned by our inclusive motto:

‘Inspire, Cherish, Achieve Together.’

With best wishes,

Mr. Daniel Wood

Ice Insulation

We investigated which materials are the best insulators. Our challenge: to keep ice solid and prevent it from changing state to a liquid, for as long as possible.


We worked skilfully, using technology, during today’s VIPERS lesson. The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo is most certainly a 5* fiction text!

Music Matters

It’s class brass and we’re enjoying all of the positives of a musical morning!

First Aid – Heart Start

A big thank you to the family centre for coming out to teach our Year 6 children ‘Heart Start’. They learnt lots of valuable and important skills linked to First Aid.


The Sea Lions learnt all about a Vihara, and they labelled a floor plan of this special place in the Buddhist faith.

We are Script Writers!

The Sea Lions have worked very hard learning about organisational features which can be used when writing a script. Here, they explored stage directions using synonyms for ‘said’.

Tech Club Update

Upper Key Stage 2’s Tech Club continues to grow and thrive. This half term, we are focusing on PowerPoint. Everything is online so the children can be creative at home as well!

Repeating Patterns

Our Daisies have been learning about repeating patterns!  We are so amazing at making repeating patterns that we became creative inside and outside using whatever we could find.  Super Maths learning – well done Daisies!

Hip, Hip Array!

This morning’s factor pairs activities involved creating arrays.

Cat Mummies

The first of our carefully designed Egyptian cats are complete. Did you know that cats were owned by almost all Ancient Egyptian households? They were thought to bring good fortune.

States of Matter

As an introduction to our new science topic, we enjoyed learning about how particles are arranged in solids, liquids and gases.

Passing and Shooting

This year’s first lesson with Mr Wattam focused on invasion games, specifically passing and shooting in netball.

Singing as an Ensemble

The Year 6 children listened to a New Year’s carol and appraised it. Them, the children learned the words to each verse and the chorus. The children then performed the song, beautifully, together.

Hands On!

We are using base 10 to assist with our multiplication tasks.

Dance Like an Egyptian!

Mrs Porter gave us a mission: use your dance skills to create a series of patterns and moves based on the Ancient Egyptians while working as a team. Here we are in the early stages of choreography.

Welcoming the Egyptians

We learned about hieroglyphs and created our own authentic designs using wax crayons and a colour wash. Aren’t they amazing?