Headteacher’s Welcome Message

We wish you a very warm welcome to the Birkwood Primary School website and hope that by using this site you will get a picture of our vision, aims and the values we uphold.

It is a huge honour for me to write as Headteacher of our lovely school. We are striving to deliver an exciting knowledge-based curriculum and of course, are extremely mindful of the impact of COVID 19. 

We have undertaken a thorough Risk Assessment in order to minimise risk, which is regularly updated.

Our school is a caring, supportive and family orientated community where we encourage our children to ‘be the best that they can be’.  This is achieved by us having an exciting and relevant curriculum that meets our children’s needs. We seek to develop the whole child, harnessing and celebrating each of their unique talents, strengths and personalities.

Our high quality learning environments include a Trim Trail on the large playing field, a purpose built children's kitchen, so that they can cook as part of their learning in Science, Maths and Literacy.   Thanks to Big Lottery Grant and Tesco ‘Bags for Help’ funding, we also have a community and sensory garden area where children grow vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs.  In addition, we have a potting shed and poly tunnel, thanks to Community First Grant funding.  

Our strong and committed Governing Body have made the decision to keep class sizes as small as possible in Foundation Stage to ensure high quality support for our youngest children. We have outstanding provision in our Early Years Foundation Stage Unit with 2 mini-ICT suite areas and excellent outdoor facilities.

At Birkwood, we recognise and value the vital contributions that our parents, families and wider community make in the education of our children.  Birkwood is truly a family and we are very proud of our #IncredibleCommunity.

Our school’s life is underpinned by our inclusive motto:

‘Inspire, Cherish, Achieve Together.’

With best wishes,

Mr. Daniel Wood

Tricky Tune

We are enjoying learning this tricky, but very funky, classic melody. Here’s our take on Beethoven’s 5th symphony!

Caterpillars Spotted in The Library

The Caterpillars absolutely loved their first visit to the new Birkwood Library. We can’t wait to visit each week and take wonderful books home to share with our families!


Class Pictograms

This week we have been using our maths knowledge to manipulate data and create our own class pictograms. We can’t wait to see the results!

Ballroom Dancing with The Caterpillars

The Caterpillars are thrilled to be learning how to ballroom dance with Mrs Porter! As part of our first lesson we started with a ‘cha cha’ – what fantastic footwork!

Generous Gift

We were delighted to receive a very generous donation from one of our precious, music loving families. Our beautiful piano will enhance many music lessons, performances, and magical moments in the future! Thank you.

Real Money

This morning, we are using money to solve tricky calculation questions.

Making Plans

We’re enjoying making plans for our writing mission – Introducing Harry Potter.


We learned about the importance of the Seder meal, eaten by Jews, at Passover.

Enjoying Books Together

The Sea Lions enjoyed reading with a partner in the library this week. Their fluency and expression are fantastic!

Matching Fractions

We applied our knowledge of unit and non-unit fractions to work our way up the levels on matching fractions! Great use of IT and teamwork to solve problems!

In the Bag!

We have over arm and under arm throwing, catching, batting and wicket keeping cricket skills in the bag. Watch out…cricket season is here!

P4C – Are Rainbows Real?

Has a rainbow got a beginning and an end? How do you know? Are rainbows real? What makes something real?

The Butterflies enjoyed a mini philosophy lesson to share their thinking. We talked about gold, love and illusions! What do you think?

We Predict…

Using physics knowledge to make predictions and log results. Which materials are insulators, and which are conductors?

Vocabulary Call My Bluff

We have enjoyed playing Call my Bluff in reading lessons this week to discuss and explore meanings of ambitious words from our class text. Can you beat the teacher?

Creative Commons License…

We have been learning how to select appropriate pictures from the internet using the Creative Commons License. We have ensured that we give credit to the creator, and then used the pictures within our work.


The Sea Lions are learning what different homophones mean and using them in the correct contexts.

Text-based Adventures

Our Sea Lions have planned their adventures on a concept map. They are now using 2Create a Story to bring their adventures to life.