We Predict…

Using physics knowledge to make predictions and log results. Which materials are insulators, and which are conductors?


We’re investigating current electricity and making complete circuits, using batteries, bulbs, switches and crocodile clips. Great teamwork Foxes: we have some potential physics professors amongst us.

Light, dark and seeing

We investigated how light bounces off objects into our eyes so we can see and how darkness is the absence of light.


We learnt all about the life cycle of a plant, we found out what plants need to grow. We did our own experiment where we tested what we had learnt. We put one plant in the sun with water, one in the sun with no water, one in the cupboard with no sun but with water and one in the cupboard with no sun or water. We discussed our findings and found it very interesting that the one in the cupboard with water had grown but was yellow and weak. We learnt about tomato plants and then planted our own. We are hoping to eat them soon!


In FS2, we have been learning all about looking after our environment. We have learnt about the importance of putting rubbish in the bin to look after our wildlife. We learnt about how we can help our planet by recycling and we even made our own recycling bins. Children have been bringing rubbish from home to recycle too. We made posters and put them up around school to remind our #incrediblecommunity to look after our environment too!

Exploring Minibeasts

The children have been busy exploring minibeasts. We started by going on a minibeast hunt and talking about what they looked like. The children then created their own sketches of the minibeasts they found. They then decided to create their own bug hotels to keep the minibeasts safe. They found their own location for the hotels; some of the children then went onto create their own signs to go with their hotels to make sure they were safe and no one touched them.

Capillary Action!

The children loved their science practical this week to learn about capillary action. The key vocabulary which they used to explain the process was incredible. Could you explain cohesion and adhesion? The Butterflies will tell you the roll of the kitchen paper in the absorption of water and ink to ‘grow a rainbow’. Why not have a go at home?

Solid, Liquid or Gas

The Year 3 Butterflies loved looking at the practical evidence to help them to draw conclusions about the changing states of water. We even used ourselves to model the particles! 

Higher or Lower

Our science investigation involved pitch. We concluded that the more water the lower the pitch.