Super Science!

The Butterflies took part in a Pirate Density Investigation. We learnt that oil is less dense than water, meaning that the oil rose to the top!


Badgers’ Trip to Chester Zoo

We had an amazing time exploring Chester Zoo and loved learning about all the different animals we saw. Have a look at our little video to see what we got up to.
Thank you for our amazing trip Mrs. Allen!


The Leopards investigated the effects of refraction: how refraction alters the direction of light. The children first predicted what they thought might happen. Then, they conducted an experiment and recorded the results. Finally, they discussed their conclusions as a class.


Today, the Leopards looked at how the sun and shade affect their shadows. They considered shape and direction. They thought about time and the seasons, and about how their shadows change.

Washing Our Hands

The Sunflowers and Daffodils really enjoyed learning all about germs and how to wash their hands correctly. They put some ‘pretend germs’ on their hands and looked at them under a UV light box. They then washed them and looked at them again to make sure they had done a good job! Thank you to Jenny Baker from the Ward Alliance for teaching our children this important life skill so well.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears 

The children in Nursery have been reading this traditional tale. They have been retelling the story and joining in with the repeated refrains. They talked about how the three bears must have felt when they found Goldilocks in their house. They helped to make some porridge and talked about their likes and dislikes. They were super stars!


Faulty Circuits

Today, the Year 5/6 Tigers were tasked with finding faults in a variety of circuit designs. Firstly, we had to use our scientific understanding to identify circuits with and without faults, before assembling the circuits correctly to see if our predictions were correct. Afterwards, we designed our own circuits and used justification and reasoning to resolve any issues.

Impacts on the Body

The Leopards have worked in pairs to recognise the impact of drugs and alcohol on the body. The children found that the brain is the most common organ to suffer from damage along with the heart, lungs and liver.

Let’s go camping! 

The children had a wonderful time at their camping experience, after planning and organising it all by themselves! They loved toasting marshmallows over the campfire, role-playing in the tent, playing games of football and using the parachute. It was lovely to share a hot chocolate at the end of the day, whilst singing songs and playing guitar. What a magical day, following our children’s interests ‘In The Moment’!

We are going on a minibeast hunt! 

The children in FS2 have been learning all about minibeasts. They have been on a minibeast hunt and learnt all about different habitats. They know lots of facts and really enjoyed finding out that ladybirds smell with their feet! The children decided to make mini bug hotels; they collected lots of sticks and used recycled plastic bottles. We looked carefully at some bugs and did some amazing sketches, adding lots of details.