Researching Electricity

The Owls have used their ICT skills to present what they know about electricity. We thought about keeping safe, how electricity is made and how we use it. We also considered the future and how electricity will be provided.

We Are Electricians

The Leopards created a circuit that allowed them to test a range of materials to find out if they are conductors or insulators.

Thanks Prof. Dad 

We were delighted to watch this amazing working volcano model. Many thanks to one of our talented Dads, who designed, built, tested and modified this brilliant volcano with his son.

The Circulatory System

Year 6 have been learning about blood vessels, the heart and the lungs. They described their journey around the body from the heart, via the lungs for oxygen, to different parts of the body along the arteries and back again in the veins.

Perfect Pitch

We loved investigating pitch in science. We recorded our findings using scientific vocabulary.


We’re excited about investigating sound! Today we heard, felt and saw vibrations.

Science Matters

 We looked at how some species attempt to adapt to an alternative habitat due to climate change.

Independent Learning

What fantastic scientific classification skills! We are really proud!

Rocket Designers

This week we have been working in teams to build rockets using junk modelling, let’s hope they make it to the moon!

Perfect Pumpkins 

The Daisies have been using their senses to explore the pumpkins. We talked about how what they look like, smell and feel like. We even talked about what we could do with them. Some of our Daisies are going to carve pumpkins for Halloween!