A Squash And A Squeeze 

The Butterflies have been exploring a range of materials in science this half term. This week they were tasked with finding out how certain materials can change shapes by bending, stretching, twisting and squashing.

Egg Drop Eggsperiment

In Science, we have been learning all about forces. During this lesson we investigated the force of gravity. We investigated if you could drop an egg without breaking it, considering the effects of height, speed, air resistance and wind direction. We had a cracking time!

Well done Ladybirds!!

The Year 1/2 Ladybirds have had a wonderful first half term back in school ~ They have had a special visitor in the class to show them some baby turkeys. They have been busy building Superhero secret hideouts and even found the time to do some fantastic writing.

Delicious Investigating

We completed our science topic, States of Matter, with a couple of very tasty investigations into reversible and irreversible changes!

Lovely Ladybirds!

Our Daisies found a very strange bug in our outdoor learning environment. We used the internet to find out that it was a baby ladybird – Ladybird Larva. We watched YouTube to learn all about the life cycle of a ladybird. All of our Daisies were soooo excited!

Food Groups

The Year 3 Foxes loved their Science lesson, learning all about the different food groups. Children sorted Mrs. Wilkie’s shopping into carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, proteins, dairies and fats/oils. We have also held many discussions about what constitutes a balanced diet.

Life cycle of a ladybird

After finding lots of ladybirds outside, the children were fascinated when they found something new and unusual. They researched what they had found using a search engine and were amazed to find that they had discovered a ladybird larvae! This led the children to explore the life cycle of a ladybird, they even drew pictures and wrote facts too.

Autumn Treasure Hunt

After talking about different signs of Autumn, the children were SO excited to be going on an Autumn walk around our local environment. They found lots of treasure including berries, acorns, different coloured leaves and best of all – MUDDY PUDDLES!

National Clean Air Day

Today, on National Clean Air Day, the Tigers have been discussing the importance of ‘clean air’ and its impact on the environment and all living things. We have debated different ways in which we can improve the air around our school, and how everyone can make a difference and contribute to a safer, happier planet.

‘Pop Professors’ 

States of matter science today: Investigating, predicting, experimenting, comparing, weighing, discussing, concluding AND (lots of) fizzing!

Researching Electricity

The Owls have used their ICT skills to present what they know about electricity. We thought about keeping safe, how electricity is made and how we use it. We also considered the future and how electricity will be provided.