Impacts on the Body

The Leopards have worked in pairs to recognise the impact of drugs and alcohol on the body. The children found that the brain is the most common organ to suffer from damage along with the heart, lungs and liver.

Let’s go camping! 

The children had a wonderful time at their camping experience, after planning and organising it all by themselves! They loved toasting marshmallows over the campfire, role-playing in the tent, playing games of football and using the parachute. It was lovely to share a hot chocolate at the end of the day, whilst singing songs and playing guitar. What a magical day, following our children’s interests ‘In The Moment’!

We are going on a minibeast hunt! 

The children in FS2 have been learning all about minibeasts. They have been on a minibeast hunt and learnt all about different habitats. They know lots of facts and really enjoyed finding out that ladybirds smell with their feet! The children decided to make mini bug hotels; they collected lots of sticks and used recycled plastic bottles. We looked carefully at some bugs and did some amazing sketches, adding lots of details.

Rocks Rock!

The Year 3 Foxes loved learning about different kinds of rocks and created worm gardens to learn more about soil. We loved making predictions and recording our observations.

Science is Fun!

Our classroom is ‘buzzing’ with excitement… We’re investigating electric circuits! 

Save the Bees! 

Some of our children found a bee in our outdoor learning area and it didn’t look very well. We talked about why it might not be very well; some of the children thought it might be hungry. We talked about how bees eat nectar and pollen from flowers. We had a look around our outdoor learning area and talked about how we haven’t got any flowers at the moment. We decided to use the internet on the iPad to find out if we could give the bee anything else to eat. We found out that if we mixed some sugar and water together then it would give the bee a boost of energy. We mixed some together to give to the bee. We then decided that we needed to plant some flowers for the other bees … so that is exactly what we did the very next day!

Five Star Accommodation and Great Food!

We’re transforming our garden space into a haven for bees and butterflies over the next few months. Here we are, using biodegradable pots, to plant specific wildflowers that encourage our VIPs!

Transparent, Translucent or Opaque?

The Badgers learnt about some new science vocabulary whilst learning about light and dark this week. We investigated different materials and objects around the classroom to develop our understanding of the terms transparent, translucent and opaque. Then, we sorted different items to show which word best described them.

Mirror, Mirror…

During our science day, we talked about how mirrors work and how reflections are made. We loved using mirror writing to send each other secret messages!

Reflective materials

As part of their science day, the Badgers explored a range of different materials and found out how well they reflected light.  The children then talked about what these materials could be used for.

Science Day

The Badgers really enjoyed their science day and learnt loads about light and dark. Here they are deciding if a range of different objects are sources of light or not.

Congratulations to Heather Greenwood…

…who was nominated by Miss Betts and I for the Inspirational Educator Award in Environmental Education.
The quality of the candidates was very high and the judges’ decision-making apparently was quite challenging and Heather is one of the eight prize winners!  The judges were very impressed with Heather’s impact on Birkwood Primary School. She has not only transformed the physical environment, in which learning takes place, but also the engagement and performance of children of all ages in the school, by linking the pleasure of outdoor nature activities to the Science curriculum and life-enhancing skills. As one of the judges stated: “Her impact may be confined to one school at present, but it goes deep and will last the children a life-time.” Miss Betts and I and all of the staff and children in school are very proud 😊
Thank you to the ‘Worshipful Company of Educators’ for this Award.