Hedgehogs Class Assembly – Our Mining Community

What a fantastic presentation and performance of work! The audience were most impressed by all our learning about coal mining. We shared our work about home life and mining in the Victorian period, the different jobs children did in the mines in the 1800s and how disasters such as The Huskar Pit flood led to the Children’s Act. The children’s dancing, acting and singing really brought our topic to life! 

A Special Visitor

The Hedgehogs were lucky to have a special visitor, our Governor Mr White, who talked to the children about his experiences as a miner. We learned a lot about what it was like and enjoyed handling the coal. This was an also excellent opportunity for us to ask questions to help with our study of ‘an aspect of history that is significant in our locality’. 

The Great Roman Bake Off

Here’s our first display of the school year which showcases the ‘strangely tasty’ menus from Roman banquets. We are delighted with the quality of our artwork but we’re not keen to sample flamingo with dates or stuffed dormice!