Trips & Visitors

A Special Visitor

The Hedgehogs were lucky to have a special visitor, our Governor Mr White, who talked to the children about his experiences as a miner. We learned a lot about what it was like and enjoyed handling the coal. This was an also excellent opportunity for us to ask questions to help with our study of ‘an aspect of history that is significant in our locality’. 

Robert Street Allotments

We had a lovely morning out at Robert Street Allotments with Mr Mick White (one of our School Governors). We learnt so much about different types of herbs and plants ~ thank you for making us so welcome. 

Speak Out. Stay Safe.

Karen from the NSPCC visited us today! Karen introduced us to her mascot (Buddy), she led assemblies for all children in school and she ran workshops for children in Upper Key Stage 2. 

Kingswood Kit List…


Toiletries – Shower gel, deodorant, toothbrush etc
Long sleeved tops, sweatshirts, hoodies
Socks and underwear
Water bottle (named)
Large plastic bag for dirty clothes
Outdoor clothes/waterproof jacket
Up £10 pocket money for souvenirs/sweets
A reading book


Please write your child’s initials in their clothes/on the label.
We recommend wearing old clothes for the activities.
Long sleeved tops and trousers must be worn for all activities.
A pair of old trainers for kayaking and canoeing.
Pupils with long hair will be required to wear their hair tied up.
One outfit for the disco evening.
No electronic devices are allowed.
Mobile telephones will not work on site as there is no signal. Updates will appear daily on Twitter and in school.