Barnsley Music Education Hub website now has new features which we really hope will support schools. As well as a new Online Learning section that was developed last term, we have also been working hard to reduce the amount of printed paper resources that we use, therefore we have included the following documents online:

·         Pupil Practice Diary

·         Pupil Handbook (Lots of information about how lessons work)

·         New Starter Form (Pink Form)

Here is The link to these documents:


Music remains at the forefront of learning in school & in our families’ homes. We are delighted to host our wonderful peripatetic staff  @barnsleymushub each week. Thank you to Mrs Sutton for all her drive and ambition for our children.

Music at home…

Excellent engagement at home from one of our special Year 1 Caterpillars with his Dad. #Music Matters and this is where it all begins.

Parent/Governor Message…

‘I would just like to say a massive thank you to all at Birkwood and Barnsley Music Service for keeping things going for our children, to have that little bit of normality, of hearing his teacher’s voice every day and following a timetable.  In addition, to playing music online with his tutors, helps to maintain some structure in his life (and ours) and makes the long, dark, winter days go that little bit faster.
Keep up the good work everyone and thanks again.’


Birkwood Brass in Concert

Here’s our brass band safely performing carols in the marquee at Christmas. Merry Christmas, peace and goodwill to all our families and supporters!

World Nursery Rhyme Week in the Daisies!

The Daisies have absolutely loved celebrating this very special week. We have had a full week of singing Nursery Rhymes. We made our own buses on the computers, made our own speckled frog masks, followed instructions to make little hickory dickory dock mice, painted our favourite farm animals and our personal favourite – pretending to be Miss Polly! We love pretending to be doctors.


Christmas Carols on Tour in Cudworth

This was a very special afternoon. The Hedgehogs’ bubble safely visited outdoor spaces in our local nursing homes and sheltered accommodation. The children were outstanding and certainly warmed the hearts of our community.


The Leopards’ Christmas Celebration

The Year 6 Leopards created this Celebration for the #incrediblecommunity to enjoy while we remain in tier 3. Let’s hope that our next show can safely be performed in front of a live audience! We hope that you all enjoy this spectacle of singing, dancing, narration and ‘giggles’.
Merry Christmas from Mr. Sandwith, Mrs. Birch and all of the Leopards.

Percussion Showcase

Thanks to our fabulous percussion teacher for putting together this excellent drum kit showcase. We have amazing musicians in school! A huge well done to our Birkwood Drum Team.

Little Donkey

Check out this pitch perfect performance of one of our favourite (Birkwood) Christmas carols. Mr Dodd and Mrs S were delighted to be present for our Year 5 Robins’ super star performance!

Children In Need

The Foxes joined in with the Big Bubble Singalong with McFly on Radio Sheffield for Children In Need.They loved creating their own music video to the Happiness song around school! They have even uploaded it to the ‘Make A Difference’ website and hope to appear on the BBC!

Using Musical Notations

Year 6 are trying really hard in their music lessons. This term, we are focusing on ‘Classroom Jazz’ and the children worked well in small teams to use and understand musical notations while playing the glockenspiels.


This term, we have listened to a range of songs which aim to make you feel happy, learned the lyrics of the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell, played glockenspiels in accompaniment to the song and started to learn about the basics of musical notation. Here are the Year 6 Leopards performing ‘Happy’ with glockenspiel accompaniment, lead vocals, second vocals and some solo performances – very impressive!

Happy Halloween!

Here’s one of our superstar Year 5 percussionists performing on Freaky Funky Halloweeeen Friday. Keep up the fabulous work, you’re making excellent progress.

Change of Address

Birkwood Brass have a new home, which allows them to rehearse safely. Today was their first day ‘at home, in the marquee’… They LOVED it!

Birkwood Brass is Back

Oh! What a Beautiful Morning! We are so happy to have the sound of brass in the air again. It has been 6 months since Birkwood Brass played together as an ensemble and each of them are delighted to be back!


Check out this Year 5 percussion bubble member’s performance. It’s his 1st time playing ride cymbol and he is sounding groooovy!

Percussion City

Today was ‘Percussion City’ day in Birkwood. Our 11 drummers were delighted to welcome Mr. Ramskill back. The ‘noisy neighbours’ have returned – great news!

Welcome Back Birkwood Brass 

Today was a very exciting, musical day! Mr. Dodd returned to Birkwood- at last! It was lessons (and smiles) all round for our experienced performers as well as some really enthusiastic newbies.