Barnsley Music Education Hub website now has new features which we really hope will support schools. As well as a new Online Learning section that was developed last term, we have also been working hard to reduce the amount of printed paper resources that we use, therefore we have included the following documents online:

·         Pupil Practice Diary

·         Pupil Handbook (Lots of information about how lessons work)

·         New Starter Form (Pink Form)

Here is The link to these documents:

Little Donkey

Check out this pitch perfect performance of one of our favourite (Birkwood) Christmas carols. Mr Dodd and Mrs S were delighted to be present for our Year 5 Robins’ super star performance!

Using Musical Notations

Year 6 are trying really hard in their music lessons. This term, we are focusing on ‘Classroom Jazz’ and the children worked well in small teams to use and understand musical notations while playing the glockenspiels.


This term, we have listened to a range of songs which aim to make you feel happy, learned the lyrics of the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell, played glockenspiels in accompaniment to the song and started to learn about the basics of musical notation. Here are the Year 6 Leopards performing ‘Happy’ with glockenspiel accompaniment, lead vocals, second vocals and some solo performances – very impressive!

Happy Halloween!

Here’s one of our superstar Year 5 percussionists performing on Freaky Funky Halloweeeen Friday. Keep up the fabulous work, you’re making excellent progress.

Change of Address

Birkwood Brass have a new home, which allows them to rehearse safely. Today was their first day ‘at home, in the marquee’… They LOVED it!

Birkwood Brass is Back

Oh! What a Beautiful Morning! We are so happy to have the sound of brass in the air again. It has been 6 months since Birkwood Brass played together as an ensemble and each of them are delighted to be back!


Check out this Year 5 percussion bubble member’s performance. It’s his 1st time playing ride cymbol and he is sounding groooovy!

Percussion City

Today was ‘Percussion City’ day in Birkwood. Our 11 drummers were delighted to welcome Mr. Ramskill back. The ‘noisy neighbours’ have returned – great news!

Welcome Back Birkwood Brass 

Today was a very exciting, musical day! Mr. Dodd returned to Birkwood- at last! It was lessons (and smiles) all round for our experienced performers as well as some really enthusiastic newbies.


Saxophone News 

Mrs. Laycock, our woodwind teacher came into school today – it’s great to have the sound of flutes, clarinets and saxophones in school! Here’s a gorgeous snap of our newest saxophonist – he thoroughly enjoyed his first lesson!

Day One 

We were delighted to hear music in school again today. It’s fantastic to welcome our instrumental music teachers back at Birkwood. Mr Fuller, our strings teacher, was first through the door and our guitarists were really pleased to see him.

Oh Happy Day!

We all enjoyed a team-building INSET day at the start of this half term. Thank you to Sharon(sharonstaceymusic) and Keith from Barnsley Music Hub for showing us how to sing in harmony and play along to the rhythm.

Keen Clarinetist

He has been learning clarinet for just 6 months and was REALLY keen to share his skills on film today. We are proud of you!

What a Roarsome Assembly!

The Foxes entertained a huge audience this week with their amazing class assembly. They shared facts about dinosaurs, writing, music and art work. Mr Lennon would have been very proud of their recorder performance, it was very special. Thank you to our #incrediblecommunity for all your support and well done to all The Year 2 Foxes.

Great News! 

This hardworking musician has impressed Mr Dodd with her skill and progression over recent weeks. We are really proud!

Cheerful Sounds

There are cheery Friday morning violin melodies coming from the Music Room. You’re sounding great!

He’s Done the Double…

His bandmates are delighted for him as it is the 2nd time that Mr. Dodd has awarded him with the Birkwood Bandsperson of the Week. This time it is for sheer HARD WORK! He is putting in the hours of practice… and as we ALL know “Practice makes Mr Dodd happy!”