Oh Happy Day!

We all enjoyed a team-building INSET day at the start of this half term. Thank you to Sharon(sharonstaceymusic) and Keith from Barnsley Music Hub for showing us how to sing in harmony and play along to the rhythm.

Keen Clarinetist

He has been learning clarinet for just 6 months and was REALLY keen to share his skills on film today. We are proud of you!

What a Roarsome Assembly!

The Foxes entertained a huge audience this week with their amazing class assembly. They shared facts about dinosaurs, writing, music and art work. Mr Lennon would have been very proud of their recorder performance, it was very special. Thank you to our #incrediblecommunity for all your support and well done to all The Year 2 Foxes.

Great News! 

This hardworking musician has impressed Mr Dodd with her skill and progression over recent weeks. We are really proud!

Cheerful Sounds

There are cheery Friday morning violin melodies coming from the Music Room. You’re sounding great!

He’s Done the Double…

His bandmates are delighted for him as it is the 2nd time that Mr. Dodd has awarded him with the Birkwood Bandsperson of the Week. This time it is for sheer HARD WORK! He is putting in the hours of practice… and as we ALL know “Practice makes Mr Dodd happy!”

Brass News

This week’s bandperson is one of our amazing percussionists. He is most certainly impressing Mr Dodd and his whole brass team!

Saturday School

Lots of our Birkwood Brass musicians attended Grimethorpe Youth Band’s Fledglings session on Saturday morning. Mrs Sutton went to see how they were getting on and was very proud!

Absolutely Excellent

We are very pleased to introduce this week’s Birkwood Brass Bandsperson. She is nominated by Mr Dodd for her positive, helpful and inspirational approach to music lessons. CONGRATULATIONS!


Our Robins are making excellent progress in their class brass music lessons. They are increasingly confident with notation as well as enjoying performing as an ensemble.


This week’s Bandperson has been selected by Mr Dodd for ‘stepping up’ his practice and commitment to his tenor horn and his teacher. Brilliant news!

Guitar Duo 

There were some beautiful melodies coming from the music room today.

Violin Central

All 5 of our violinists are working really hard! Here are 2 of them in their lesson today.

Fantastic Flautists

Mrs Laycock is extremely impressed with her wonderful flute team. Their progress is very encouraging – keep up the great work and commitment girls!


Hattrick Hero

This is our very worthy third bandsperson of the week. She has devoted time and effort into learning her solo in just 1 week! What a fantastic achievement.

Brass Quintet

Mr. Dodd was really keen to accompany this wonderful ensemble on trombone. They have been learning this piece for….. ONE WEEK!

Team Marples

Here are two of our newest pianists. One of them received her third lesson today. Keep working hard girls!

They’ve Got Rhythm! 

Monday mornings in our Music Room are magnificent. Here’s footage of some of our talented percussionists. Well done #TeamRamskill – you are working SO hard.

Great Guitarists

Here’s just some of our brand new guitarists. They received their 3rd lesson ever today and are already making fabulous progress. Well done #TeamFuller.


New ‘Kids’ on the Block

Here are our latest musicians to begin small group lessons with Mr. Dodd. They have already earned themselves a position in Birkwood Brass.