Highlighting Percussion

Our percussionists are shining, as they prepare for a very busy festive concert season with Birkwood Brass. Well done team Ramskill.


A sneaky extra little rehearsal with our Year 5/6 choir members, in preparation for our community carol singing.

We’re Welcoming the Festive Season

Our Year 5 and 6 choir members joined with their peers from Churchfield and Cherry Dale to perform Carols for the community. The Methodist Church Hall was full of people from our very special community. Christmas IS coming!

Festive Concert Season Approaches

Our brass band members have stepped up their rehearsal schedule, in preparation for a busy Christmas concert season. They’ll be appearing at a school and church near YOU very soon!


This year’s song for Children in Need was Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’, sung by Jodie Whittaker. The Jaguars learned the lyrics and performed it as an ensemble.

Trombone Tribe 

Meet our brand new trombone tribe. This fantastically musical duo are trying out a move to trombone! It’s day 1 and you’re sounding fabulous girls.

Read All About It! 

We had a visit from a broad sheet newspaper photographer today. He was ‘snapping’ one of our newest brass players, Mr Dodd and his brand new, beautiful euphonium. Watch this space!

Team Violin

Here are just some of our budding violinists in action in their music lessons today. Keep up the hard work Team Violins!

Super Assembly

The Foxes dazzled a huge audience with their amazing assembly all about Superheroes. They looked awesome as they sang, shared their Big Writes, art work and poetry.
Well done Foxes… you were wonderful!

Musical Update

Here’s all of our brass players at lunchtime band rehearsal. They’re showcasing our lower brass quartet! You’re all sounding fantastic!

Music is Everywhere!


Beautiful melodies were drifting through school this afternoon – thanks to our multi-talented musicians during their piano lessons.


He’s Got Rhythm!

This percussionist has been having lessons with Mr. Ramskill for JUST 5 weeks – we are SO proud of his progress!

Our Youngest Musician! 

It was magical to watch our youngest musician see, hold and play a real trumpet for the very first time. He LOVES trumpets!

Technical Treat

Musicians regularly avoid working on their scales, but not this Birkwood clarinettist! He has perfected the technically tricky G major scale. Really well done!

Can Hedgehogs Sing? 

They most certainly can! 
These Year 3 musicians are making first class progress with their singing, playing and improvising!


Our Year 6s are enjoying their music lessons this term. Here they are singing and playing an accompaniment to Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’.

Everyone Loves it!

Our Year 4s, 5s & 6s have loved learning Charanga ‘s arrangement of Blackbird in their classroom music lessons! Now the whole choir have adopted it. Special mentions for our newest and youngest singers- this song is a tricky one.

Magic Musical Moments

Check out this Hedgehog’s concentration in her class music lesson. She’s learning to accompany Charanga’s ‘We lift our voices to sing’.

Music in the Hedgehogs

We have only had one music lesson so far and already the Hedgehogs are sounding very promising. Mrs. Sutton was impressed with our tunes and moves when she came to look through the door! 

We’ve Got Rhythm

Percussion lessons rock at Birkwood! We’ve got 6 children learning percussion with THE Mr. Ramskill this term and we are delighted to announce that they are all working very hard – great news team!

…and they’re off!

Day 1 of playing a brass instrument. If you’re happy and you know it make a noise! Thanks for making music fun Mr. Dodd.