PE and Sport

In the Bag!

We have over arm and under arm throwing, catching, batting and wicket keeping cricket skills in...

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Rainbow Seekers

Thanks to Mrs P, who taught us the extremely tricky ‘rainbow’ cheer-leading sequence in dance today.

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The Daffodils have been amazing in P.E this half term. They have been exploring the small and...

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Creative Dance Club Duet

We created a contact duet based on the pages where Bob Robber steals Jane’s shadow and hides it in an old wooden chest. He can sneak and he can steal but he can’t dance a step, but Dancing Jane’s shadow flopped...

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Bob Robber and Dancing Jane

  We read the first two pages together and found the themes of darkness, lies and theft so interesting to dance about Bob Robber. The children created all the movements themselves from the vocabulary in one short session....

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