Gender Discussion

‘Not a Stick’ was a fantastic stimulus into a heated philosophy session this afternoon.

Escape From Pompeii

The Owls re-enacted a scene from the story ‘Escape from Pompeii’. We thought about what we would see, hear, taste and feel. We also imagined what it would be like if a volcano started to erupt.

We can follow instructions 

The Daisies had a wonderful time retelling their group story, ‘Bella gets her skates on’. They jumped to the chance of making their own hot chocolate and followed the instructions beautifully. They enjoyed drinking their hot chocolate most of all!

We love reading!

The Foxes love going on Bug Club and reading online. Please remember they can use this website at home too.

Reading For Pleasure

Some of Mrs Sutton’s most loved and treasured book collections have ‘escaped’ from her special bookshelf. They are ready and waiting to be enjoyed by the Robins.

Poetry People

We loved having the time and space to share our thoughts.

Ambitious Vocabulary

The Foxes have been exploring key vocabulary linked to their topic – Dinosaurs! They used dictionaries, non-fiction books and online dictionaries. We are excited to use some of our new words in our writing!

We are Journalists

Year 6 will be writing a newspaper article about the disappearance of Bilbo Baggins. In preparation, they read an example report in pairs and worked together to highlight the high-level punctuation and grammar that had been used.

Our Brand New Topic

The Robins have started to collect, trade and recycle words to place on their vocabulary volcanoes.

It’s Harvest time! 

The Daisies have worked so hard to learn their new Harvest time rhymes. We practised every single day for our celebration with our special grown ups. Thank you for all your support #incrediblecommunity.

A Fabulous Christmas in Year 6 Jaguars

We used our knowledge of green screen and ICT skills to produce ‘Icy World’ calendars; we made our cards using our handwriting and dictionary skills; we even made an igloo for Edgar, our puppet friend, out of milk cartons.

Dear Santa, we have been so good this year!

The Daisies have been so busy writing their letters to Father Christmas. They are beginning to form some wonderful letter shapes, we are so proud! Of course they remembered their manners and said please!