The Bronze Age

The children researched different aspects of the Bronze Age. After that, they used Publisher to create their own pages of a non-fiction book. Next, the children will edit and evaluate what they have done so far before completing their work and publishing their final drafts.

An Inspirational Woman

This young lady was very interested to learn about the life, successes and struggles of the inspirational Helen Keller as part of our “Born in the USA” topic.

The Hungry Caterpillar

The children have been enjoying reading this story and learning all about the life cycle of a caterpillar. They also looked at all of the fruits the caterpillar had been eating and tried some themselves. They talked about how the fruits tasted and if they liked them or not. They are so good at trying new things! We are very proud of them.

Hello World!

The children in FS2 were so excited when our chick eggs arrived. They observed them carefully each day to see if they were cracking. They couldn’t believe it when they hatched – they loved them and looked after them so carefully. Watch our video to see their adventures.

Stone Age Commercials

The Leopards worked in pairs to plan and create dramatic TV adverts for a bow and arrow. They found out about why they were useful in the Stone Age and used this information to convince others to get a bow and arrow of their own.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears 

The children in Nursery have been reading this traditional tale. They have been retelling the story and joining in with the repeated refrains. They talked about how the three bears must have felt when they found Goldilocks in their house. They helped to make some porridge and talked about their likes and dislikes. They were super stars!


Staying Safe at The Seaside

This week, The Butterflies have been thinking about how to stay safe in the sun. They created some fabulous posters which showcased their learning.

A Day at the Chocolate Factory

The Foxes have enjoyed starting their sentences in different ways, ready for our BIG WRITE! We can’t wait to read about your day at the chocolate factory.


Cool Conjunctions!

The Badgers have been exploring the use of conjunctions in sentences. We have watched a short film called ‘The Saga of Bjorn’ and wrote lots of interesting sentences about the events in this clip. We tried to extend each of our sentences using different conjunctions and then we even experimented with where to place the subordinate clauses in our writing.


Our ‘Born in the USA’ topic has given us the opportunity to enjoy soul music, and, in particular, the life and career of THE Aretha Franklin.

Vocabulary Victory 

The Foxes have ‘bowled us over’ with finding WOW words in our class text ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl. We can’t wait to use them to make our own writing exciting.