A Letter from Joshua

The Butterflies had almost forgotten that they had written to Joshua, the main character in Candle Dark by Carole Anne Carr. But when Mrs Rennison came to visit with an unusual envelope for us, we guessed it must be Joshua writing back to us from the 1800s. He even enclosed the carrot he used to move Drummer through the mine and our National Coal Mining Museum trip letters. How exciting!

Candle Dark

We are loving our class text so much that we are looking forward to reading more books by Carole Anne Carr. We have found out some facts about our class author and have even written her a letter!

History Detectives

The Year 3 Butterflies loved being history detectives by using a picture source to find out about Victorian mining.

R for Retrieve and V for Vocabulary

The Sea Lions have begun a study on Women at War. They read an information sheet about the Women’s Land Army, and then answered a range of retrieval questions using the information they had read. Next, they read a poem addressed ‘To All Land Girls’ and used dictionaries to find the meaning of some tricky words such as ‘elegant’, ‘stalwart’, ‘slew’ and ‘feeble’. The Year 6 children are impressing Mr. Sandwith with how well they are working #Together.

Vocabulary Designers

We laughed and laughed! We designed our own nonsense words, in the style of Roald Dahl. Wellycopter and plantasaurus are just a couple of our favourites!

Settling into Nursery!

Our new children have enjoyed their first few weeks and have made lots of new friends.  Look at some of the amazing things they have been learning.


We’re sharing chapter 8 of the Twits with our reading partners. Our VIPERS focus was vocabulary.

Great Gift!

What teacher wouldn’t be delighted with a glass eye in a jar of beer? Our class text is The Twits.

Reading, reading everywhere! 

The Sunflowers and Daffodils love to read, inside and out. The children enjoy listening to stories, sharing stories with their friends, and creating their own stories.

Democracy Matters

Today was Hustings and the official ballot for our Year 4 School Councillors

Remarkable Reading!

The Year 3/4 Meerkats are exploring Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’ this half term. Here they are using their reading buddies to help them retrieve important information about the characters from the story. #ReadingRocks #InspireCherishAchieveTogether