We enjoying working with a partner to build on our dictionary skills.


Emotional Sentences

Our Year 6 Leopards have been learning all about cohesive devices. They have linked this to a horror genre by opening their sentences with an ‘emotion word’. Their sentences were amazing (if not a little eerie).

Meeting Woody – the South Yorkshire Police Horse 

What a wonderful afternoon we had meeting Woody and Sally from South Yorkshire Police. Sally told all of our FS2 children about police horses and even modelled different commands. The children couldn’t believe their eyes! They were so inspired that they came back to class buzzing with excitement! We then learnt all about how Police horses train and the children wrote letters and drew pictures for Woody. Thank you so much to Sally and South Yorkshire Police for such an amazing experience for our youngest children.

Welcome to the world! 

We are so excited in FS2 – our chick eggs have arrived, and five chicks have hatched already. We are learning how to look after them and how to handle them. We decided to write names for them and put them in a little name jar so that we could pick them out as a surprise. We then made ‘chirp certificates’ (birth certificates) for them! Take a look at our wonderful writing and meet Cobi, Lexi, Rainbow, Stacey and Apple.

Let’s go camping! 

The children had a wonderful time at their camping experience, after planning and organising it all by themselves! They loved toasting marshmallows over the campfire, role-playing in the tent, playing games of football and using the parachute. It was lovely to share a hot chocolate at the end of the day, whilst singing songs and playing guitar. What a magical day, following our children’s interests ‘In The Moment’!

Imagination Location

This is a button tin with a hint of magic! We are creative writers, our imaginations are running wild!

The Power of Vocabulary

The Leopards have been learning about where some of our energy comes from and they watched some animations which contained lots of technical vocabulary. The children made note of words that they thought were good ones to steal or that they did not know the meaning of. Then, they used dictionaries or experts around class to find out what the words meant.

Dictionary Detectives

The Foxes have been using dictionaries to find the meaning of some vocabulary from our class text, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

We are Ninjas!

The Badgers are using their ninja skills to develop the vocabulary they are using this term. They are absolutely loving learning a new word every day. Have a look at these amazing sentences written using today’s word of the day!

Amazing Apostrophes

The Year 3/4 Badgers have been learning all about possessive apostrophes. We looked at how to use apostrophes for possession in singular and plural forms. Then we had lots of fun using macaroni to show where the apostrophes belonged in our sentences

The Journey of a Piece of Plastic

The Leopards used their comprehension skills to find out the meaning of words (using dictionaries or the context) and to put events in order (from a straw being used in a picnic to it ending up on somebody’s plate).

Spotlight on Rowling

After completing research, note taking and planning tasks during the week, we are writing biographies about J.K. Rowling