Caterpillars Spotted in The Library

The Caterpillars absolutely loved their first visit to the new Birkwood Library. We can’t wait to visit each week and take wonderful books home to share with our families!


Making Plans

We’re enjoying making plans for our writing mission – Introducing Harry Potter.

Enjoying Books Together

The Sea Lions enjoyed reading with a partner in the library this week. Their fluency and expression are fantastic!

Matching Fractions

We applied our knowledge of unit and non-unit fractions to work our way up the levels on matching fractions! Great use of IT and teamwork to solve problems!

P4C – Are Rainbows Real?

Has a rainbow got a beginning and an end? How do you know? Are rainbows real? What makes something real?

The Butterflies enjoyed a mini philosophy lesson to share their thinking. We talked about gold, love and illusions! What do you think?

Vocabulary Call My Bluff

We have enjoyed playing Call my Bluff in reading lessons this week to discuss and explore meanings of ambitious words from our class text. Can you beat the teacher?


The Sea Lions are learning what different homophones mean and using them in the correct contexts.

First Visit…

The Year 6 children love the new library. They cannot wait to start reading some new texts!

Our first visit to the new Library! 

We had a wonderful time exploring our beautiful new Library! We listened carefully to where we can find different genres of books and then chose books to read with our friends. We recognised lots of books that we know really well. We loved getting comfy and snuggling up.


After a long Bank Holiday weekend, it was delightful to hear about a trip to the Harry Potter shop on the Shambles in York. It is also fantastic to see how our class text has inspired a spectacular Knight Bus DT PROJECT.