The Matthew Henson Story

The Jaguars have been learning about the life and achievements of Matthew Henson. They have been able to research information about a key historical figure while being discerning about online content. We will be using this information to write a biography next week. 

When Incy Wincy joined us for Dough Disco!

How exciting, the boys and girls have loved strengthening their fine motor muscles to one of our favourite rhymes Incy Wincy Spider! They listened so carefully to the instructions. 

Where are you Goldilocks?

The children have been reading the story ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’. They received a letter from Baby Bear to let them know that Goldilocks had broken some of his belongings. The children were very upset and decided to make ‘wanted’ posters to find her,  so they could tell her how to make good choices. They did some amazing writing and stuck their posters up around school too. 

The Sunflowers visit the Library 

We love to read and had a fantastic time at the library sharing stories together, singing and playing instruments. We cannot wait to visit again. Thank you so much to Cudworth Library. 

The Daffodils visit to the Library 

What a wonderful afternoon we had at the library. The children enjoyed singing, playing instruments and reading stories. Thank you so much to the Cudworth Library staff, we are so lucky to have such a great resource in our village. 

We are sailing! 

We love linking our topic (Oceans) with our creative poetry writing and art skills.

It’s getting ‘tense’ in The Foxes

The Foxes are learning about past and present tense. They are really good at sorting verbs and they have discovered that not all past tense words end in ‘ed’.

Friday is Poetry Day

Our poetry circles are packed with recycled, traded and researched vocabulary all ready for our ocean poetry morning. Our poems are influenced by James Reeves’ beautiful poem ‘The Sea’.

Vocabulary Work

Year 6 worked in teams to analyse the vocabulary in a Year 6 text. The children tried to use the context to work out the meaning of words, and then they used dictionaries to check.

The Sea is a Hungry Dog! 

We have been studying The Sea by James Reeves. Today we selected some of his amazing vocabulary to recycle in our Wild Ocean Poetry.

Creative Learners

The artist Alfred Wallis is inspiring our watercolour painting, as well as our creative poetry writing.