We had a tiger tea party!

One of our ‘Fantastic Four’ shared her favourite story with the Morning Daisies this week, ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. She had the best idea ever; to have a tiger tea party! Our very kind little Daisy wrote an invitation to all of her friends, so we could all celebrate together. Don’t worry the tiger didn’t gobble all of our food, but we did save him some. This is because sharing is caring!


World Nursery Rhyme Week in the Daisies!

The Daisies have absolutely loved celebrating this very special week. We have had a full week of singing Nursery Rhymes. We made our own buses on the computers, made our own speckled frog masks, followed instructions to make little hickory dickory dock mice, painted our favourite farm animals and our personal favourite – pretending to be Miss Polly! We love pretending to be doctors.


Pumpkin Explorers

Today the Daisies have had so much fun exploring the pumpkins. We followed instructions to carve our very own pumpkin. We discovered that pumpkins are hard, heavy, smelly and slimy!


We love to write..!

We love writing in FS2 and we write for lots of different purposes. Here you can see a message to everyone to let them know that we had some special toadstools under our stage and fairies might be sitting on them. Another piece of writing is all about who lives in our family, including the name of a new baby brother! Another piece of writing was name writing, we had to write our name if we wanted to join in with a game outside. You can also see some of our boys writing about Helipads! We are so proud of them all, well done!


The children followed written and pictorial instructions independently. They were given an instruction booklet and resources- the rest was up to them! The results were beautifully unique- and very glittery.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town! 

In FS2 we had a very special message from Santa Claus! We could not believe our eyes; he even had a photograph of us all. We were so excited! He asked us to write our special Santa wish lists. Look how amazing they are!


The World Made a Rainbow

On 7.12.20, Mrs. Allen shared the beautiful story ‘The World Made a Rainbow’ with all the children in school.

The Leopards’ Christmas Celebration

The Year 6 Leopards created this Celebration for the #incrediblecommunity to enjoy while we remain in tier 3. Let’s hope that our next show can safely be performed in front of a live audience! We hope that you all enjoy this spectacle of singing, dancing, narration and ‘giggles’.
Merry Christmas from Mr. Sandwith, Mrs. Birch and all of the Leopards.

Pizza Rockets

The Caterpillars have been busy making rocket pizzas, they look so tasty!
We will be writing up our special instructions, making sure we include lots of bossy verbs in our ‘Big Write’.


We are Very Persuasive!

We are sharing our passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for Clean Oceans, in the hope that we can persuade our audience to join us in this very important campaign.

Save Our Oceans 

 The Hedgehogs returned to their classroom, after lunch, to discover someone had dumped all of their rubbish. The children discussed how this pollution would hinder their lives. After watching THE Blue Planet episode, they made notes in preparation for a (very) persuasive Big Write.