British Values


We learned about the importance of the Seder meal, eaten by Jews, at Passover.

The Last Supper

We increased our knowledge of the Last Supper, using the Bible and Da Vinci’s oil painting. We learnt about how Christians believe that Jesus was betrayed by one of his closest friends. This led us to think about friendship and loyalty.

Sikh Beliefs

The Butterflies have enjoyed learning about Sikhism so much that they wanted to create posters. Can you spot the main messages? We discussed how some of the beliefs are similar to other religions such as Christianity. What are your main beliefs to live by?

“We will never forget her name, Mrs Sutton!”

What emotive RE lessons this week. As part of our focus on the Jewish faith, we learned about Anne Frank. Excellent reading and understanding skills equipped the Foxes with the ability to focus, extract vital information and make very sensitive and, at times, angry conclusions.


The Sea Lions learnt all about a Vihara, and they labelled a floor plan of this special place in the Buddhist faith.


Our RE lessons have focused on the Christmas Story. These beautiful Nativity scenes reflect our learning perfectly.

Miracle in Town

The Pandas, Turtles and Caterpillars have enjoyed performing their Key Stage One Nativity, A Miracle in Town, and we hope you enjoy it too. Merry Christmas.

AM Nativity

Our Morning Daisies performed their first fantastic Nativity play.  They sang beautifully and made everyone so proud.  You are all superstars.  Well done!

We Will Remember Them

Thank you to our lovely School Council who represented Birkwood at Cudworth’s 2021 Remembrance Service. Father David led our respect and gratitude to those who have helped to protect our country and made so many sacrifices. Father David used the immortal words, When you go home, Tell them of us and say, For your tomorrow, We gave our today. Thank you to Mrs. Sutton and to Year 4 for their beautiful communal wreath which was laid at the Cenotaph. A morning of great pride, respect and of course reflection.