British Values

Talking Discrimination

We shared the life story of Maya Angelou. The discrimination and racism she endured shocked us – we discussed racism in history and in the present day.

It’s Harvest time! 

The Daisies have worked so hard to learn their new Harvest time rhymes. We practised every single day for our celebration with our special grown ups. Thank you for all your support #incrediblecommunity.

Nursery Christmas Party

The Daisies have had so much fun at our Christmas party. The Morning and Afternoon children met for the very first time! We are so proud of how friendly and kind our children are to each other. Some very special friendships were formed and they even made their own party hats! We played so many party games including musical bumps, musical statues … but our favourite was pass the parcel! Thank you to our wonderfulcommunity for the amazing party food donations. 

It’s Christmas Time!

Look at the amazing learning that is taking place in our Christmas learning areas. The children have been learning the story of the Nativity and are so good at retelling it! They havealso been writing letters to Santa and posting them. They have been developing their speaking and listening skills by acting out Christmas stories and are ready for Christmas day!

Fire, Fire!

A huge thank you to Stephanie Peacock for inviting fire fighter Dave with his fire engine to FS2. The Sunflowers and Daffodils LOVED exploring the fire engine and were even allowed on the top! What an incredible day!

A Visit to St. John’s Church

The Hedgehogs loved visiting St John’s Church, Cudworth, to learn more about the significance of Advent in the Christian calendar. Thank you Father David for your generosity of time and patience to teach us about this special time of the year. We hope that everyone enjoys celebrating Christmas, Jesus’ birthday!