Impacts of Tourism

First, the Jaguars looked at the positive and negative impacts of tourism on mountains. Then, they learnt about positive and negative economic, social and environmental impacts. Finally, they looked at each other’s and used STEM sentences to discuss whether they agreed or disagreed with the thoughts of other groups.

Making Mountains

Year 6 investigated how different mountains were made. They used books and triangular prisms to learn about how fault-block mountains are made; they used an elevated tray of sand and water to learn about plateau mountain formation; and they used different paper to investigate how fold mountains are formed. As a class we then used icing sugar and a piping bag to see how volcanic mountains are formed. We are physical geographers!

Where does fruit come from?

Year 6  have been finding out about what is grown in different countries. They have used a world map and digital maps to locate some countries and label them on a blank map. The Jaguars will keep labelling these maps throughout their topic.