The Foxes are exploring different artistic styles during their ICT time. They are currently recreating  pointillist art in the style of Seurat.


Funky Fractions

The Foxes used some of their ICT time to apply their knowledge of fractions! They are brilliant at dividing pizzas into fractions and super at navigating PurpleMash.

ICT Hedgehogs

The Daisies have had a wonderful time creating their own hedgehog ICT pictures. They are learning how to use the mouse so carefully.

We Are Problem Solvers!

The Jaguars were solving problems linked to functions. They had to find the problem in a block of code and correct it, so that the turtle drew a full square. There was lots of debugging and the children did really well!

Signs of the Season

We used our film it week to capture the start of Autumn. We went on location to the community garden, edited our film and stills, added text and music, and created impressive results.

Movie Makers

Our Film it mission: Create a film using stills and short clips to represent the changing face of our community garden in Autumn. 
Day 1: On location.