Art & Design

Barnsley Music Education Hub website now has new features which we really hope will support schools. As well as a new Online Learning section that was developed last term, we have also been working hard to reduce the amount of printed paper resources that we use, therefore we have included the following documents online:

·         Pupil Practice Diary

·         Pupil Handbook (Lots of information about how lessons work)

·         New Starter Form (Pink Form)

Here is The link to these documents:

Pirate Buns

The Year 1/2 Ladybirds have had a wonderful time this week baking Pirate-themed buns. We weighed out our ingredients using scales, then mixed and baked our buns in the oven. When they had cooled down, we decorated them by rolling out the icing and adding gold and silver sprinkles. They looked amazing and tasted fantastic.

A Crown fit for a Druid

This week, the Tigers have been extending their knowledge of British history and have now moved forward to The Iron Age. Today, we learnt about the rich, Celtic history of Britain and the Druids who ruled over them. The Tigers were tasked with creating a crown fit for a Druid – using materials only found in nature.


Raita Dip

The Foxes loved reading and following instructions to make a healthy raita dip using fresh mint from our community gardens. We used our measuring, grating, snipping and mixing skills and worked in pairs to make a delicious dip which we ate with a slice of pitta. We love to cook!h

Nature at its Best 

A calm, creative and productive afternoon spent in our beautiful school grounds. We used photography and pencil sketching to represent the nature that surrounds us.

Cooking Burgers

The Hedgehogs were given recipes for homemade burgers and homemade ketchup so that they could follow them independently. They were amazing, and skilfully used their preparation and cooking skills to create perfectly cooked burgers, garnished with crunchy, fresh salad and homemade ketchup. The Hedgehogs unanimously enjoyed the eating part best of all!

We are going on a minibeast hunt! 

The children in FS2 have been learning all about minibeasts. They have been on a minibeast hunt and learnt all about different habitats. They know lots of facts and really enjoyed finding out that ladybirds smell with their feet! The children decided to make mini bug hotels; they collected lots of sticks and used recycled plastic bottles. We looked carefully at some bugs and did some amazing sketches, adding lots of details.

Viking Stew

The Badgers have started working on their Viking Banquet food this week. They have used their peeling, chopping and tasting skills to prepare a Viking Stew. They even got to try some of the vegetables!

Abstract Artists

We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the abstract art of Jackson Pollock. We used similar techniques, listened to the music of Gershwin (just like Pollock did) and enjoyed discussing feelings and experiences that we portrayed in our creations.


Just So Stories

When our children returned from lockdown 3, they took part in a creative project linked to the ‘Just So Stories’ by Rudyard Kipling. They had to create their own Just So Stories based on an animal of their choosing – the end results were fantastic. To bring their stories to life, the children used a range of design techniques to plan and create their own masks for the main characters in their stories. In this video, you can see our children creating their masterpieces – enjoy!

Creative Crew!

Our class text ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ inspired our ‘owl-themed’ writing and artwork today. We are delighted with our pastel skills!

The Three Little Pigs

This week, the Caterpillars have been reading the story of The Three Little Pigs and decided to build their own houses to test out on The Big Bad Wolf. In teams, we have carefully designed and built our houses. Hopefully, they will be wind and waterproof!

Easter Blessings

We planned, designed and made our sun catcher Easter cards using glass paints. They can be recycled as a window decoration to bring light into our homes all year!