Art & Design

Space Art

The Year 5/6 Tigers were challenged to create a piece of artwork using oil pastels, focusing on this half-term’s topic – Space! With limited time, the children listened well to instructions and added their own ‘flare’ to their designs. Here are just two of many excellent final pieces.



The Hedgehogs enjoyed learning about the work of the artist Maggie Hambling. They listened to the sound of the sea and used the string technique to create waves using paint. We also discussed what Maggie Hambling said about waves: ‘A wave is both alive and dead.’

Capturing the Best Bits

Our fantastic trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park gave us endless opportunities to use our photography and film skills. Today, we enjoyed reliving the special experiences, as well as selecting and editing film and photos.

Alberto Giocametti

The Year 3/4 Owls have researched and studied the work of Alberto Giocametti. We concentrated on his sculpture work and created our own figures. We also looked at faces and facial expressions.

Design and Display

We really are looking forward to exploring the Yorkshire Sculpture Park next week. Our learning, linked to sculpture, is encouraging us to use our imagination, interpretation and inspiration!


Technology experts

The Sunflowers and Daffodils are amazing at using ‘Purple Mash’ independently in the learning areas. They have even been working hard to type their names on the keyboards. What super stars!


Our Ashley

Ashley Jackson is a very famous artist from Barnsley. He paints landscapes in the Yorkshire Dales, often when the weather is bleak. We sketched in the style of Ashley Jackson using b- 8b pencils.

Pancake Prep.

As this week is our class Cook It week, we put our weighing, measuring, selecting, mixing, choosing, cooking, separating, flipping, eating and washing up skills to the test! Yummmmmmm!


The Foxes have been using their colour mixing skills to explore different shades of green. We never knew there were so many different ones!

We are Chinese Bakers!

The Year 1/2 Bees have had a wonderful time this week weighing out ingredients, mixing and baking some delicious traditional Chinese biscuits. They decorated them with icing and sprinkles ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year.


Chinese Takeaway!

The Daisies have been learning all about the Chinese New Year, so of course we celebrated by having our very own Chinese takeaway. Prawn Crackers were by far the clear favourite.

Dinosaur Art 

The Foxes worked really hard on these dinosaur silhouette pictures. They used watercolours to create a wash and then used stencils to create their dinosaurs. They look wonderful and the children were really proud of their finished pieces.


We are developing our clay sculpting skills. Our stylish miniature volcanos will dry over the next few days and then they will be ready to paint and glaze.


Fantastic Fossils

The Foxes have been creating dinosaur fossils this week. They have carefully planned, measured, cut and stuck to create their unique designs.