Art & Design

Perfect Painting!

The Year 1 Butterflies have been using watercolours to paint their favourite character from our current class book-Little Red Riding Hood!
We carefully practised our brush stroke skills before painting our sketches!


The Foxes are exploring different artistic styles during their ICT time. They are currently recreating  pointillist art in the style of Seurat.


Art Attack

We used our excellent painting skills to work individually and collaboratively to create fantastic volcanoes. Watch this space for our (almost life size) display.

Christmas Cakes

Look at our beautiful Icy World cakes. We used our Cook It time to bake them and then we used our creative design skills to decorate them. We hope our #IncredibleCommunity enjoyed eating theirs over Christmas!


Christmas Chefs 

The Robins have been really busy preparing, cooking and eating a full Christmas dinner during their cookit week. This restaurant is 5 stars!

Friday is Poetry Day

Our poetry circles are packed with recycled, traded and researched vocabulary all ready for our ocean poetry morning. Our poems are influenced by James Reeves’ beautiful poem ‘The Sea’.

Dennis the Dragonfly

Our teachers made a fabulous modroc dragonfly at a recent staff meeting. In Year 6, the Jaguars have already used their new friend (now called Dennis) as inspiration for a writing task. Now, Dennis is coming to life during lunchtime and art lessons.

Developing our Sketching Skills

As part of our topic ‘Frozen Planet’, the Jaguars have used their observational and fine line pencil skills to draw a polar bear using the correct proportions and features. We will revisit our sketches next week when we start our watercolour work.

Fabulous Fireworks!

The Year 3/4 Owls looked at lots of different firework patterns and then recreated some of these using pastels. We blended the colours with our fingers. Have you spotted any of these patterns in the sky over the last few weeks?

We are Inspired by Artists!

The Jaguars created pieces in the style of Nerys Levy (an activist for climate change and contemporary artist). The children used oil pastels to create bold lines and watercolours to produce muted shades.

Super Assembly

The Foxes dazzled a huge audience with their amazing assembly all about Superheroes. They looked awesome as they sang, shared their Big Writes, art work and poetry.
Well done Foxes… you were wonderful!

Wonderful Hedgehogs

The boys and girls have had so much fun making their spiky hedgehogs! Check out all of those spikes. They learned that hedgehogs have lots of spikes to protect them from animals that might eat them.