RE, RRSA and British Values

Mrs. Allen’s Retirement Assembly

Mr. Froggatt did a wonderful job virtually leading the celebrations of Mrs. Allen’s outstanding career. The Assembly talked through her outstanding career from start to finish and featured a number of special brass performances, a message from a celebrity and a Gaelic Blessing from our oldest children. We will miss you Mrs Allen xx

Afternoon Tea with Mrs Allen

Our School Council enjoyed a very special Afternoon Tea with Mrs Allen to celebrate their time as School Councillors. We loved the buns (thanks to Poppies of Cudworth), the party bags (thanks to Mrs Tracey White) and the cups of tea with lots of sugar!

Solemn Easter Assembly 2021

On Thursday 25th March, we virtually held our Solemn Easter Assembly with Father David and Mrs. Allen.

We remembered the Christian meaning of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday with bible readings from Mrs. Allen and further explanation provided by Father David. All of our children were so good and were very respectful.

Whoops-a-Daisy Angel

What a fantastic retelling of the first Christmas! Our Sunflowers and Daffodils were amazing performers. Mrs. Allen (our live audience for the show) LOVED it and we look forward to a time when we can perform in front of our special grown-ups in the future.

Thank you to Miss Ward, Miss Jenkins and all of the Foundation Stage Team, and well done once again to our wonderful children!

‘Bear Hunt’ Nativity with thanks to Michael Rosen

WOW! What a huge achievement! The Daisies have made everyone so proud including our very own Mrs Allen. They were absolute superstars in their Nativity. They all sang along, knew when to join in with some actions and some children even said some lines! We are so glad we managed to film our Nativity so we can recreate the magic! Well done Daisies we are so proud of you all.


Chocolate apples!

The Daisies have loved celebrating Bonfire Night. Today they made their very own chocolate apples. It was so hard not to have a little taste before completing their apples. They used lots of sprinkles of course!