Funky Fractions

The Foxes used some of their ICT time to apply their knowledge of fractions! They are brilliant at dividing pizzas into fractions and super at navigating PurpleMash.

More Mixed Numbers

The Jaguars have been working hard to improve their mastery of fractions. They have been doing more work on converting mixed numbers to improper fractions, and they have applied their knowledge by adding and subtracting mixed numbers.

Mixed Numbers

Year 6 have been adding mixed numbers with different denominators. It was really tricky, but the Jaguars managed it – they have a much better understanding of whole numbers too!

Maths Mastery Alert!

Look at these clever Daisies making different shapes with sticks. They are so creative! They even described the properties of triangles, squares and rectangles. Miss Davis is so proud! 

Brilliant Bakers

The Daisies have had so much fun baking their hedgehog bread. They made sure that they had lots of spikes and counted out two raisins for their eyes!

Challenge Time

Some Jaguars challenged each other with tricky multiplication questions – they enjoyed testing each other’s knowledge of written methods.