Powers of Ten

The Leopards learnt all about powers of ten and sharing them into equal parts. The children played games, linked to scales, to apply their knowledge. Well done.

Working Hard 

The Year 2 Butterflies have been using tens frames to solve a range of addition sums. They have been working super hard!


Robins and walls…

The Robins are using fractions walls and STEM sentence cues to convert fractions to decimals as part of a whole number.

Mastering Multiplication Methods

On Monday, the children worked really hard to master their multiplication methods. Now that they are masters of these methods, they will apply their knowledge when solving problems linked to a variety of mathematical concepts.

Place Value with the Robins

The Robins have been using a range of different manipulatives to develop their understanding of place value when multiplying, before moving on to a formal method.

Battle Triangles!

Year 6 had fun working together and using their knowledge of co-ordinates (across all four quadrants) to wipe out each other’s triangles.

Monster shapes!

The Daisies have been naming and identifying our 2D shapes. We can recognise a circle, square, triangle and rectangle. We had lots of fun making spooky monster shapes! Look how many eyes and arms they have! We hope we don’t scare you too much.



We are amazing at mathematics in FS2, we love practical activities that are ‘in the moment’. Today we were playing a game where we wanted to see how far some of our special friends’ toys could travel in the sand pit. We used the measuring tape to measure whose toy travelled the furthest. We used mathematical language to describe the positions of the toys. Can you guess which toy travelled the furthest? We even recorded our results on the chalkboard!

2-D or not 2-D

Year 6 enjoyed a morning of investigating polygons and their properties. They used iMovie to report their findings.