Maths Masters

The Owls have been using their STEM sentences to discuss equivalent fractions. We agreed and disagreed; we also changed our minds.

Jaguar Geometry

The Year 6 children drew a range of shapes to consolidate their knowledge of perimeter, area and angles. They were drawing rectangles, parallelograms, triangles and  compound shapes, and discussing the measurements with their partners.

Sharing is Caring!

The Foxes have been using counters to develop their division skills. They now really understand division and can also do it mentally too!


The Hedgehogs enjoyed learning about fractions in our maths lessons using objects and pictures. We even got on to comparisons! 

Wonderful Weighing 

The Year 1 Butterflies have been learning how to measure using weighing scales. We all had a go at estimating our answers before working out how many cubes each object weighed! 

Funky Fractions

The Foxes used some of their ICT time to apply their knowledge of fractions! They are brilliant at dividing pizzas into fractions and super at navigating PurpleMash.