Monster shapes!

The Daisies have been naming and identifying our 2D shapes. We can recognise a circle, square, triangle and rectangle. We had lots of fun making spooky monster shapes! Look how many eyes and arms they have! We hope we don’t scare you too much.



We are amazing at mathematics in FS2, we love practical activities that are ‘in the moment’. Today we were playing a game where we wanted to see how far some of our special friends’ toys could travel in the sand pit. We used the measuring tape to measure whose toy travelled the furthest. We used mathematical language to describe the positions of the toys. Can you guess which toy travelled the furthest? We even recorded our results on the chalkboard!

2-D or not 2-D

Year 6 enjoyed a morning of investigating polygons and their properties. They used iMovie to report their findings.

Money, Money, Money 

The Butterflies are showing off their money skills this week. They have been challenging their friends to add up different combinations of coins.

Super Baking

The Butterflies loved their Cook It week. They worked together to weigh, roll, cut and bake Gingerbread Superheroes.

Super Subtraction

The Year 1 Caterpillars have been learning all about subtraction this week in maths. We have been solving subtraction problems using cubes and other objects in our group work, then applying our skills in our learning areas!

Owl Pancakes!

Wow! We have had such an amazing time in the Daisies making owl pancakes, inspired by our class story “Owl Babies”. The children all listened so carefully to the instructions, selected 1 and then 2 blueberries and finally enjoyed eating them ~ with extra syrup of course!

We love the outdoors!

The Sunflowers and Daffodils love our outdoor learning area and are outside whatever the weather. They enjoy playing together, solving problems, working on a larger scale and using their imagination. Look at all of these wonderful learning opportunities.

The Exercise Team!

We love P.E in the Sunflowers and Daffodils so much so that we made our own exercise team! We had to sign up for our exercise class and enjoyed taking part in balancing, weight lifting, circuit training and racing activities. We even won rosettes when we raced outdoors.


Maths Mastery Mission

A really tricky, mixed up, muddled up mastery mission – linked to our rounding to the nearest 10,100 and 1000 – you can’t trick these children. Well done team!