Class Pictograms

This week we have been using our maths knowledge to manipulate data and create our own class pictograms. We can’t wait to see the results!

Maths for Life

This week’s maths lessons are directly linked to the following IMPORTANT vocabulary: credit card, debit card, debit, overdraft, instalment, finance, limit, budget, loan, savings, deposit and interest. We are well-prepared for the future.


We’re using our mathematical knowledge to represent decimals on place value boards. We can confidently exchange 10 tenths for a one and 10 hundredths for a tenth.

Area and Perimeter

During our lessons on formulae, we took a detour to remind ourselves how to find the perimeter and area of different shapes.

Magical Maths Learning

Our Daisies have been learning lots about numbers and counting.  We can subitise, recognise numerals, count objects to 5, and we are even learning to match numerals to amounts. We are becoming fantastic mathematicians!  Amazing learning from the Daisies!

Maths Mission

Our practical fractions mission required us to work with a partner, devise, and answer questions based on tenths.

Comparing Mass

We enjoyed a practical maths lesson involving the use of scales to compare mass. The children then went on to solve word problems involving kgs and grams.