Maths Mastery Mission

A really tricky, mixed up, muddled up mastery mission – linked to our rounding to the nearest 10,100 and 1000 – you can’t trick these children. Well done team!

Dinosaur Dimensions 

The Foxes have been learning a lot about length this week. We can measure in centimetres and metres, and we are really good at estimating. We used our measuring skills to mark out the dimensions of some of our favourite dinosaurs. It was amazing to see just how big a T-Rex was!

Let’s go shopping!

The Daffodils had a super time visiting their local shop. They looked carefully at the items that they could afford with their 50p. They had amazing manners when paying at the till.  Of course, they enjoyed eating their delicious treats afterwards!

Professor Of Division

This super star mathematician has excelled in lessons this week. He has earned himself the title of Professor of Bus Stop Division.

Pancake Prep.

As this week is our class Cook It week, we put our weighing, measuring, selecting, mixing, choosing, cooking, separating, flipping, eating and washing up skills to the test! Yummmmmmm!

Investigating Shape

The Jaguars have been discussing the properties of 2D and 3D shapes in small groups. The children were tasked with describing all of the shapes with correct mathematical vocabulary.

Practical Maths

The Foxes really enjoyed exploring mass this morning. We spoke about grams and kilograms and looked for things in the classroom to weigh!

Estimating and Comparing Area

The Leopards have been working on estimating and comparing area. They were set a task to work out how much space 7 flower beds would take up in our community garden and how much space would be left. Their estimations and calculations were very close.


At the end of this week’s maths topic, The Hedgehogs enjoyed preparing to teach fractions! They had to make the problem with concrete objects, write the explanation and then come up to the front and teach the class. Well done!