Units of Measure

The Robins have been working on units of measure. Here they are ordering with litres and millilitres to try and understand the relationship.

Equivalent Fractions

The Badgers have loved building their own fraction walls in maths. We have used the fraction walls to answer lots of different questions about fractions. The children have learnt what equivalent fractions are and are even beginning to make links to their times table and division knowledge to help them.

Fractions and Decimals

Year 6 are regularly playing games to practise their recall of facts. Here they are working on their knowledge of fraction and decimal equivalents.

Powers of Ten

The Leopards learnt all about powers of ten and sharing them into equal parts. The children played games, linked to scales, to apply their knowledge. Well done.

Working Hard 

The Year 2 Butterflies have been using tens frames to solve a range of addition sums. They have been working super hard!


Robins and walls…

The Robins are using fractions walls and STEM sentence cues to convert fractions to decimals as part of a whole number.

Mastering Multiplication Methods

On Monday, the children worked really hard to master their multiplication methods. Now that they are masters of these methods, they will apply their knowledge when solving problems linked to a variety of mathematical concepts.

Place Value with the Robins

The Robins have been using a range of different manipulatives to develop their understanding of place value when multiplying, before moving on to a formal method.

Battle Triangles!

Year 6 had fun working together and using their knowledge of co-ordinates (across all four quadrants) to wipe out each other’s triangles.