Maths Mastery Alert!

Look at these clever Daisies making different shapes with sticks. They are so creative! They even described the properties of triangles, squares and rectangles. Miss Davis is so proud! 

Maths Magicians

The Robins worked in dream teams to complete quick times table warm ups.

Show Me the Money!

The Foxes are excellent at making amounts in different ways. We never knew there were so many ways to make 20p!

Numbers, numbers all around!

The Sunflowers and Daffodils are super mathematicians! Look how clever they are at matching amounts to a number! Super number formation too. 

Brilliant Bakers

The Daisies have had so much fun baking their hedgehog bread. They made sure that they had lots of spikes and counted out two raisins for their eyes!

We can use our senses 

The Daisies have made their very own sensory Autumn play dough. We even added cinnamon to make it smell like Autumn.

Challenge Time

Some Jaguars challenged each other with tricky multiplication questions – they enjoyed testing each other’s knowledge of written methods.

Work to Bee Proud of

The Year 1/2 Bees have been practising counting in 10s this week and one little Bee was very excited to show just how wonderful his maths skills are.

Place Value

The Jaguars have enjoyed working together to learn more about place value. We have studied numbers up to 10,000,000, and some of our children identified the values of digits in the decimals! An impressive start to Year 6.

Quick and Acurate! 

Check out this speedy maths activity using place value skills. Great work from our Year 4 mathematicians.