Settling In

What a fantastic start to the year the children in FS2 have had! They have settled in so well and have got used to the new routines. They have made lots of new friends and have been working hard at sharing and taking turns. They...

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How do you feel? 

The children have been exploring their emotions and feelings. We have been reading ‘The Colour Monster’ story and talking about what happiness, sadness, fear, love, calmness and anger mean to us. The children are experts at...

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Mmm, BBQ!

Our children have shown great strength and resilience this year whilst they have faced lots of challenges. As a special treat the Sunflowers and Daffodils enjoyed a yummy, scrummy BBQ and ice lolly on the field, complete with...

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Washing Our Hands

The Sunflowers and Daffodils really enjoyed learning all about germs and how to wash their hands correctly. They put some ‘pretend germs’ on their hands and looked at them under a UV light box. They then washed them and looked...

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An Inspirational Woman

This young lady was very interested to learn about the life, successes and struggles of the inspirational Helen Keller as part of our “Born in the USA” topic.

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