Barnsley Music Education Hub website now has new features which we really hope will support schools. As well as a new Online Learning section that was developed last term, we have also been working hard to reduce the amount of printed paper resources that we use, therefore we have included the following documents online:

·         Pupil Practice Diary

·         Pupil Handbook (Lots of information about how lessons work)

·         New Starter Form (Pink Form)

Here is The link to these documents:

The Hungry Caterpillar

The children have been enjoying reading this story and learning all about the life cycle of a caterpillar. They also looked at all of the fruits the caterpillar had been eating and tried some themselves. They talked about how the fruits tasted and if they liked them or not. They are so good at trying new things! We are very proud of them.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears 

The children in Nursery have been reading this traditional tale. They have been retelling the story and joining in with the repeated refrains. They talked about how the three bears must have felt when they found Goldilocks in their house. They helped to make some porridge and talked about their likes and dislikes. They were super stars!


Hop little bunnies… Hop, hop, hop!

The Daisies had so much fun completing our ‘Rhyming Easter Hunt’ in phonics today. They had to listen for the rhymes to find their next clue – they were so excited when they received their special Easter treat at the end. Easter Bunny is so proud of you Daisies!

Easter Baskets!

The Daisies have had so much fun creating their Easter baskets. Look at their smiles! I think they will love what’s inside even more. Enjoy, beautiful little ones!


World Book Day in the Daisies

The Daisies loved celebrating their very special World Book Day; they all looked incredible in their costumes! They particularly enjoyed their toast and jam whilst engaging in our ‘Big Read’.

We had a tiger tea party!

One of our ‘Fantastic Four’ shared her favourite story with the Morning Daisies this week, ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. She had the best idea ever; to have a tiger tea party! Our very kind little Daisy wrote an invitation to all of her friends, so we could all celebrate together. Don’t worry the tiger didn’t gobble all of our food, but we did save him some. This is because sharing is caring!


‘Bear Hunt’ Nativity with thanks to Michael Rosen

WOW! What a huge achievement! The Daisies have made everyone so proud including our very own Mrs Allen. They were absolute superstars in their Nativity. They all sang along, knew when to join in with some actions and some children even said some lines! We are so glad we managed to film our Nativity so we can recreate the magic! Well done Daisies we are so proud of you all.


‘Believe in your Selfie’ Week 6

Our new set of ‘Fantastic Four’ children have had a wonderful time welcoming the start of December! We have kicked started our Christmas celebrations and already engaged in lots of Christmas magic!


World Nursery Rhyme Week in the Daisies!

The Daisies have absolutely loved celebrating this very special week. We have had a full week of singing Nursery Rhymes. We made our own buses on the computers, made our own speckled frog masks, followed instructions to make little hickory dickory dock mice, painted our favourite farm animals and our personal favourite – pretending to be Miss Polly! We love pretending to be doctors.


Chocolate apples!

The Daisies have loved celebrating Bonfire Night. Today they made their very own chocolate apples. It was so hard not to have a little taste before completing their apples. They used lots of sprinkles of course!

‘Believe in your Selfie’ Week 4

Our new set of ‘Fantastic Four’ have had such a wonderful week full of Nursery rhyme fun. We sang Five Little Speckled Frogs in the water area, crafted our own mice for Hickory Dickory Dock, and one of our little lovelies even made a giant bus!


Pumpkin Explorers

Today the Daisies have had so much fun exploring the pumpkins. We followed instructions to carve our very own pumpkin. We discovered that pumpkins are hard, heavy, smelly and slimy!


We feel so happy!

The Daisies have been learning all about our different emotions. Our absolute favourite feeling is happy. Look at all of our wonderful happy smiley faces – don’t we look wonderful 😊


‘Believe in your Selfie’ Week 3

We’ve had another wonderful ‘Believe in your Selfie’ week in the Daisies! Our little lovelies had been busy making spooky spells, exploring pumpkins and of course enjoying our wonderful ‘spooky’ party. Thank you to our wonderful “Fantastic Four”.