Curriculum Rationale

At Birkwood Primary School, we believe children are entitled to a broad, balanced and deep curriculum which is inspiring and engaging. Our intent is to provide a range of learning opportunities that help to prepare learners for life in modern, and future, Britain. Our curriculum does this by encouraging children to be responsible, respectful, active citizens who contribute positively to school and the wider community.  

Our curriculum has been structured so that all of our children are competent and confident in their independent use of ICT, so they can communicate, be safe and apply their skills appropriately to current and emerging technologies. Through ICT, we aim for our children to be confident when using a range of different technologies and various operating systems. 

A Birkwood child will be: a confident, able and safe user of technology who is creative in their use of a variety of programs. This will be enriched through our whole-school approach; enabling every child to have access to devices; our implementation of the curriculum; availability of after-school clubs; through the use of emerging technology to inspire our children and to drive our curriculum across school.

Computing Long-Term Overviews