Leavers 2021

Barnsley Music Education Hub website now has new features which we really hope will support schools. As well as a new Online Learning section that was developed last term, we have also been working hard to reduce the amount of printed paper resources that we use, therefore we have included the following documents online:

·         Pupil Practice Diary

·         Pupil Handbook (Lots of information about how lessons work)

·         New Starter Form (Pink Form)

Here is The link to these documents:



Newsletter Autumn Term Nursery

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Hakuna Matata

Here is the Year 5/6 Tigers’ performance to celebrate Mrs. Allen’s retirement. The children were amazing as always! Thank you to Mrs. Porter for choreographing this wonderful routine.

King of Pride Rock

Here is the Year 6 Leopards’ performance to celebrate Mrs. Allen’s retirement. The children were amazing as always! Thank you to Mrs. Porter for choreographing this wonderful routine.

Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly

It is always very difficult time here at Birkwood when we have to say farewell and good luck to our Year 6 children. They have all worked extremely hard this year; they have made all the staff (especially Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Birch, Mr. Wattam, Mr. Summerfield and Mr. Sandwith) so very proud and they should be very pleased with all that they have achieved. Their last two years have been especially difficult, but the children have amazed us with their hard work, determination and resilience.
We are sorry that we could not share this assembly with you in person, but we hope you enjoy watching this with your families.
Good luck to all next year and keep working hard!

Birkwood’s Got Talent 2021 – Upper Key Stage 2 Edition

Another year, another outstanding array of talent!
We hosted our annual talent festival behind closed doors this year due to Covid restrictions. The hall was filled with dance, song and lots of amazing live music from across Upper Key Stage 2. Many thanks to Mrs Sutton, Mrs Porter and Mr Summerfield for ensuring that the show could still go on, to our wonderful judges and of course to the amazing performers. A truly memorable occasion.
Enjoy all of the performances here.

A Crown fit for a Druid

This week, the Tigers have been extending their knowledge of British history and have now moved forward to The Iron Age. Today, we learnt about the rich, Celtic history of Britain and the Druids who ruled over them. The Tigers were tasked with creating a crown fit for a Druid – using materials only found in nature.



The children used a range of different software to find out lots of information about Iron Age hillforts. They used what they learnt to create their own webpages.


The Leopards investigated the effects of refraction: how refraction alters the direction of light. The children first predicted what they thought might happen. Then, they conducted an experiment and recorded the results. Finally, they discussed their conclusions as a class.


Today, the Leopards looked at how the sun and shade affect their shadows. They considered shape and direction. They thought about time and the seasons, and about how their shadows change.

The Bronze Age

The children researched different aspects of the Bronze Age. After that, they used Publisher to create their own pages of a non-fiction book. Next, the children will edit and evaluate what they have done so far before completing their work and publishing their final drafts.

The Tigers had the amazing opportunity to explore historical Stone Age heritage sites in the UK using VR headsets. The children loved the experience and the detail which VR brings to the classroom. It was a fantastic afternoon!

Faulty Circuits

Today, the Year 5/6 Tigers were tasked with finding faults in a variety of circuit designs. Firstly, we had to use our scientific understanding to identify circuits with and without faults, before assembling the circuits correctly to see if our predictions were correct. Afterwards, we designed our own circuits and used justification and reasoning to resolve any issues.

Outdoor Team Building

As part of this year’s ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’, the Year 5/6 Tigers took part in an outdoor team building session. The goal was to work in teams and build a successful shelter that would protect them from the rain. Everyone worked well and communicated with one another to build some fantastic shelters. It was a great morning and was enjoyed by all. Thanks TCV!

Impacts on the Body

The Leopards have worked in pairs to recognise the impact of drugs and alcohol on the body. The children found that the brain is the most common organ to suffer from damage along with the heart, lungs and liver.

Powers of Ten

The Leopards learnt all about powers of ten and sharing them into equal parts. The children played games, linked to scales, to apply their knowledge. Well done.

Emotional Sentences

Our Year 6 Leopards have been learning all about cohesive devices. They have linked this to a horror genre by opening their sentences with an ‘emotion word’. Their sentences were amazing (if not a little eerie).

Den Building

Thank you to The Conservation Volunteers for working with our Year 6 children today. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this outdoor activity, working in teams to build dens and decorate them with the items they found on their scavenger hunts.

The Power of Vocabulary

The Leopards have been learning about where some of our energy comes from and they watched some animations which contained lots of technical vocabulary. The children made note of words that they thought were good ones to steal or that they did not know the meaning of. Then, they used dictionaries or experts around class to find out what the words meant.