We wish you a very warm welcome to the Birkwood Primary School website and hope that by using this site you will get a picture of our vision, aims and the values we uphold.

Our school is a caring, supportive and family orientated community where we encourage our children to ‘be the best that they can be’.  This is achieved by us having an exciting and relevant curriculum that meets our children’s needs and is underpinned by our School Logo ‘Inspire, Cherish and Achieve Together.

Our high quality learning environments include a Trim Trail on the large playing field, a purpose built kitchen, so that children can cook as part of their learning in Science, Maths and Literacy.   Thanks to Big Lottery Grant and Tesco ‘Bags for Help’ funding, we also have a community and sensory garden area where children grow vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs.  In addition, a potting shed and poly tunnel, thanks to Community First Grant funding.

Our strong and committed Governing Body have made the decision to keep class sizes as small as possible in Foundation Stage in order to ensure high quality support for our youngest children.

We also have outstanding provision in our Early Years Foundation Stage Unit with 2 mini-ICT suite areas and excellent outdoor provision.

Due to the demand for places at our school, we had to convert our Library into a classroom, so we bought and converted a Double Decker Reading Bus into an exciting Library resource which the children love!

We are very proud of our school community; if you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

With best wishes,

Mrs Julie Allen MBE

Comic Strips

Look at these wonderful comic strips! The Foxes drew their comics in Art and then used them in Literacy to add speech.
Super Work!

Mini Allotments

The Jaguars have fully enjoyed designing and creating their mini allotments, having been inspired by their recent visit to Reobert Street Allotments. The children are very impressed with their results and it has helped them when writing instructions in their English lessons.

Cakes, Cakes, Cakes

What a fantastic day, with help and support from across our school’s community! A great day was had by all AND we raised just over £412.08 for Macmillan! A brilliant effort by all, especially Mrs. Sutton and Year 4.

Can we get the bread back? 

We learned that making toast is an irreversible change…and also that making toast means we can add butter, honey or jam and eat it!

Music is Everywhere!


Beautiful melodies were drifting through school this afternoon – thanks to our multi-talented musicians during their piano lessons.


He’s Got Rhythm!

This percussionist has been having lessons with Mr. Ramskill for JUST 5 weeks – we are SO proud of his progress!

We Are Problem Solvers!

The Jaguars were solving problems linked to functions. They had to find the problem in a block of code and correct it, so that the turtle drew a full square. There was lots of debugging and the children did really well!

Our Youngest Musician! 

It was magical to watch our youngest musician see, hold and play a real trumpet for the very first time. He LOVES trumpets!

Sweet Charity!

The Robins will be working in our Macmillan café on Thursday! The café will be open for pupils during school time, and for parents and community after school! All cake donations will be very much appreciated. 

Key Stage 2 Cross Country

Children from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in the Teamplus Cross country event at Rabbit Ings. All the children ran really well with lots of them qualifying for the finals in a few weeks time. Well done everyone!

Read All About It

We were front page news this week! Thank you to Barnsley Chronicle for the feature on the repair work on our Reading Bus.

Our School Council’s First Meeting

Our new School Council met for the first time and decided to write a Vision Statement together.  Mrs. Allen is looking forward to working together with the newly elected Councillors throughout the year.

Technical Treat

Musicians regularly avoid working on their scales, but not this Birkwood clarinettist! He has perfected the technically tricky G major scale. Really well done!

Can Hedgehogs Sing? 

They most certainly can! 
These Year 3 musicians are making first class progress with their singing, playing and improvising!

Signs of the Season

We used our film it week to capture the start of Autumn. We went on location to the community garden, edited our film and stills, added text and music, and created impressive results.

The Day the Romans Came to Birkwood

What a fantastic opportunity for our historians to experience life in Roman times! Our visitors were brilliant- thank you Roman Tours of Chester.

We are Scientists! 

As part of our ‘Changing States’ topic we looked at how we can change water into a gas and a solid and back again. Next, Mrs S gave each of us a pet ice cube, a paper plate and a piece of tin foil. We were asked to keep the ice cube in its solid state for as long as we could. We thought carefully about using scientific language.