Maths Long-Term Coverage Documents

Maths Intent Statement updated 11.21

Maths Mastery Policy 


Our Approach to Teaching Maths 

At Birkwood Primary School, we strive to promote a love for learning across mathematics; we believe that enjoyment is paramount.

We believe that this is promoted by providing a rich and varied curriculum packed with meaningful opportunities for our children to become fluent mathematicians, who can problem solve and reason confidently. We hope to develop resilient learners who can solve some problems with unconscious competence.

We have worked hard to create a culture of deep understanding, confidence, and competence in mathematics, promoting the mastery of mathematics throughout school. To support our mastery approach to teaching and learning, we follow the White Rose Maths programme from Foundation through to Year 6. This is a carefully designed, logical and systematic sequence to teaching mathematics which is implemented based on the needs of our pupils

We use a CPA mastery approach to teaching throughout school (See Mastery Policy) Children are regularly provided with concrete and pictorial resources to extend and support their learning. Pictorials and access to a wide variety of manipulatives, support our children in mastering key concepts in maths.

Our Vocabulary/ skills progression documents (below) are carefully mapped out to support teaching and learning and are used by staff as working documents. This has been done to ensure that learning is age- related and identifies the skills/ knowledge our children are to acquire, year-by- year, to meet and exceed curriculum expectations at all levels.

At Birkwood Primary School, we believe that all children can Inspire, Cherish, Achieve, Together in Mathematics  #InspireCherishAchieveTogether

Maths Long-Term Overviews