At Birkwood Primary school, history is the study of the past, in particular the significant lives of individuals and the achievements of human society over time.

History is effectively planned and sequenced to provide a curriculum that builds on prior learning and knowledge. We understand the value of history within the curriculum and the importance of providing a rich curriculum that develops children’s cultural capital whilst broadening their knowledge of both local, national and world history.

Children at Birkwood are enthusiastic to learn about history from an early age. Teaching is exciting; children have a love for learning and for extending their historical knowledge and vocabulary; through historical enquiry, peer discussion and the analysis of a breath of primary and secondary resources.

The history curriculum is successfully adapted to meet the needs of all children by ensuring there are opportunities for practical, immersive and hands-on teaching that promotes independence and fluency.

A Birkwood child will feel confident and eager to discuss key events and facts with their peers and class. Our children are able to understand the chronological importance of history within which they can organise their understanding of the past, including that of their own lives. As a result, children’s knowledge and skills are embedded into their long-term memory. This provides our children with the ability to make comparisons between past and present and to understand that people of other times and places may have had different values and attitudes from ours.


Curriculum Overview History 21-22

History Teaching Overview 21-22

History Skills Progression 21-22

History Vocabulary Progression 21-22