Year 5

What is this?

Today, the Tigers have been learning how to ask questions in French. The aim of this lesson was to ask, “What is this?” and their partners were tasked to answer appropriately. The class were amazing and met this...

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Technical Treat

Musicians regularly avoid working on their scales, but not this Birkwood clarinettist! He has perfected the technically tricky G major scale. Really well done!

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Life Cycles

Today, the Tigers have been learning about the life cycles of both amphibians and insects, along...

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Robert Street Allotments

  We had a lovely morning out at Robert Street Allotments with Mr Mick White (one of our School Governors). We learnt so much about different types of herbs and plants ~ thank you for making us so welcome. 

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  Yesterday, the Year 5/6 Tigers visited Robert Street Allotments in Cudworth. We learnt about the history of allotments, different types of fruit and vegetables that can be grown in the UK, and we even had the opportunity...

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