Technology Takeover Tuesday

The Year 6 children enjoyed using LEGO WeDo and Boost to create programmable robots. They also created a dinosaur themed video using green screen.


Our Year 6 children are thoroughly enjoying their Art and DT project – creating the set and props for Mary Poppins. Here they are starting to create the chimneys!
It’s a Jolly Holiday

Our Year 6 children are thoroughly enjoying their Art and DT project – creating the set and props for Mary Poppins. Here they are painting the props for ‘It’s a jolly holiday!’

Welsh Counties

Our children were sent a pronunciation guide by a Welsh-speaker. Here they are showing how to say the names of the different Welsh counties. Green screen was used and two of our children got to use Mr. S’ mac to edit the video.


Year 6 are thinking about the world around them and their responsibilities as young adults. They are completing a challenge, set by our MP Stephanie Peacock, and here is one of our striking entries.

Learning About Networks

Thank you to Cameron from Code Green, who came in to talk to us about how networks work. We learnt about computers, ports, network cables, routers and network cabinets. The children have been asked to find out how the internet works at home too.


Learning About Welsh Counties

The children have been learning about counties in the UK. This week, we have been creating PowerPoints about Welsh counties, including physical and human landmarks.

Being Social … Before Social Networks

The Year 6 Lions have been discussing what communication was like for their parents and grandparents when they were growing up. After that, they shared how children communicate in the modern day. We have also spoken about the first times that special adults used the internet and what it used to be like. 


Super Sketching

The Year 6 Lions have created these beautiful sketches using proportion and shading techniques. We will review our sketches and use our skills to produce self portraits.

Because We’re Happyyyyyy

Year 6 Lions have started a new song this term – Pharrell William’s ‘Happy’. We identified pulse, warmed up our bodies and voices and sang lead and backing vocals. A great way to end the week!

Spelling Shed

The children have enjoyed taking each other on in a Hive Game. The children have to spell words quickly and correctly to try to top the leaderboard!

Text Adventures

Year 6 are planning their own Text Adventures (based on stories they know) using 2Connect on PurpleMash. Their ideas on how to change some of the stories are brilliant!


Blasting Out A Ballad


Mr. S was impressed by the combined singing power of the Lions and Panthers. They gave a beautiful rendition of Adele’s version of ‘Make You Feel My Love’ in a joint music lesson.

Captain Beastlie

Year 6 really enjoyed listening to a story all about Captain Beastlie’s Birthday, read to them by Miss Ward.

Sketching Success

As part of our Topic, Evolution/Revolution, the Year 6 Lions have been using line sketching and shading techniques to produce detailed drawings of The Crystal Palace. By using our sketchbooks we hope to see how much our skills have improved by the end of the year.

Business Brains

Year 6 have used the internet to find prices of items they would need, and used spreadsheets to calculate income and outgoings.

Reading for Enjoyment

Lots of children are enjoying reading in Year 6 at the moment. Thank you Mrs. Allen for letting us order in these stories written by England midfielder Frank Lampard. One or two of our children read a whole book in one night!

Listen and Recall

Year 6 enjoyed their music lesson today. They are listening to and recalling a range of sounds. They have started to learn their new song, written by Benjamin Britten.

Organising an Easter Fayre

Year 6 are enjoying planning an Easter Fayre – thinking about stalls, staffing and equipment needed. Next, we will be using our knowledge of spreadsheets to calculate outgoings and to predict how much profit we could make. Mr. S has been very impressed by the business acumen on show!


Year 6 enjoyed working in small groups to find lines of symmetry in a range of regular and irregular polygons. We made sure that we rotated the question sheets to find as many lines as possible.

Formal or Informal?

Year 6 are going to write a formal letter from Queen Victoria. To prepare for this task, they are looking at differences between formal and informal language.

Darwin Sketches

Children from Year 5/6 and Year 6 have enjoyed being taught how to sketch like Charles Darwin by Mrs. Birch.