Year 5 Trip to Castleton

The Panthers and Jaguars had an amazing trip to Castleton, and we ventured down the Blue John Cavern. We have been learning about staying healthy and protecting the environment in class, so it was fantastic for the children (and staff) to be able to appreciate the glorious countryside and the natural wonders of our country. 


Painting Like Picasso

The Year 5 Jaguars and Panthers were looking at inspirational people throughout history for our Class Assembly. We decided to focus on the inspirational work of Pablo Picasso and the children produced some amazing examples of his work.


Race For Life

The Year 5 Jaguars and Panthers were invited by Barnsley College to take part in the ‘Race for Life’ event at the Dorothy Hyman Stadium in Cudworth. All of the children did an amazing job at raising awareness for such an important cause.

William Morris

This afternoon, the Year 5/6 Panthers have been exploring a range of art styles from the Victorian Era. We discussed Impressionism, Romanticism, Gothic Art and Medieval Art, and thought about the key features of each style. We then looked at the work of William Morris and discussed which art movement his work belonged to. We agreed that there were elements of all the different styles in his work. We are now working on creating our own patterns in the style of William Morris.

3D shape

Today, Y5/6 Panthers have been exploring 3D shapes. We have used nets to create models of a range of 3D shapes. Then we used the models to help us identify and discuss the properties. We looked at edges, vertices and faces – we were encouraged to analyse the different types of faces each shape had too.

Blasting Out A Ballad


Mr. S was impressed by the combined singing power of the Lions and Panthers. They gave a beautiful rendition of Adele’s version of ‘Make You Feel My Love’ in a joint music lesson.

The Crystal Palace

The Year 5/6 Panthers have recreated the designs of Joseph Paxton and produced some beautiful line and shade work. We will use our drawings of The Crystal Palace to help us improve our work when we reproduce our work in ink.

British Values

Today, we have been discussing children’s right to education. We talked about children who live in countries experiencing war and how this affects their right to education. We all agreed that they should still go to school but we talked about how important it is to make sure children are safe.

We are Navigators!

Today, we have combined our geography and ICT skills to plot the route Darwin followed whilst on HMS Beagle. 

Computer Art

This term, The Hedgehogs are trying to create art on the computer inspired by different styles. This week’s challenge was a sunrise using pointillism!

Darwin Sketches

Children from Year 5/6 and Year 6 have enjoyed being taught how to sketch like Charles Darwin by Mrs. Birch. 



Year 5/6 have been working to create these beautiful calendars this week. Keep your eyes peeled; they’ll be making their way to a home near you very soon!

 D + T + Electricity

Year 5/6 Panthers have used their scientific knowledge of electrical circuits to design windmills and EVEN helicopters! They had to consider weight, materials and power. They had to work as a team and discuss ideas. Next, we hope to refine our designs and evaluate what we can do better.



Anti-bullying art

During anti-bullying week, Year 5/6 have discussed the effects of verbal bullying. We created a piece of art work to represent how verbal bullying can make people feel. We showed a person as part of a volcano, the words that people have said to hurt or upset them are bubbling away under the surface – just like the lava in a volcano. We then tried to show that just one more word could be the thing to make a person explode! We talked about thinking carefully about what you say to someone because you never know how your words could affect them.

Years 5 and 6 Visit IWM North

All three of our Upper Key Stage 2 classes went to Manchester to visit the Imperial War Museum North. They enjoyed looking at a range of artefacts, interacting with displays and viewing a special film about the impact of war. The children also had the opportunity to view a poppy wave sculpture, which allowed them to reflect on the sacrifices made during The First World War.

As part of our World War 1 topic…

…the Panthers have been creating some emotive pieces of art. We studied a picture and talked about the skills the artist had used. Then, we looked at using pastels to create the silhouette of a soldier and used our blending skills to create a stormy sky. We will use paint to add some poppies which will stand out clearly against the dark backgrounds we have created.

Language Exploration

In The Panthers we have been exploring Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Warhorse’. We explored a chapter of the text looking at the verbs that Morpurgo has chosen to use. We discussed which ones we thought were most effective and gave reasons for our opinions. For some of the words we even had to use a dictionary to find out what they meant!


Daily Mile

Children from Years 4, 5 and 6 enjoyed running 10 (or more) laps of the field. They will be running or walking this distance regularly as part of the Daily Mile challenge! Well done everybody!

Titanic Facts Using Green Screen

The Panthers have been recording while using Green Screen to compile their facts about the Titanic. They created their own scripts and added the visual representations.