Year 5 Trip to Castleton

The Panthers and Jaguars had an amazing trip to Castleton, and we ventured down the Blue John Cavern. We have been learning about staying healthy and protecting the environment in class, so it was fantastic for the children (and staff) to be able to appreciate the glorious countryside and the natural wonders of our country. 


Science Day

Year 5 loved carrying out investigations with Andrew, the scientist. Here are a few images of the different tests they did with him throughout the day.

Year 5 Jaguars’ Class Assembly

What a fantastic assembly! The Year 5 jaguars took us on a journey through time, meeting many inspirational people on the way. There was brilliant story-telling, displays of excellent pieces of work, amazing acting and super singing. Well done Jaguars!
Thank you to our #incrediblecommunity for showing their support once again.

Painting Like Picasso

The Year 5 Jaguars and Panthers were looking at inspirational people throughout history for our Class Assembly. We decided to focus on the inspirational work of Pablo Picasso and the children produced some amazing examples of his work.


Race For Life

The Year 5 Jaguars and Panthers were invited by Barnsley College to take part in the ‘Race for Life’ event at the Dorothy Hyman Stadium in Cudworth. All of the children did an amazing job at raising awareness for such an important cause.

Behind the Scenes

The Year 5 children were challenged with the task of writing some of their own lines for our inspirational people’s assembly. Everyone had to research particular inspirational people throughout history, learn songs from the past and write factsabout the person who give them inspiration. They all worked extremely hard and produced a fantastic assembly. 


Ready, Steady… Cook It!

Year 5 have been showing off their culinary skills by making a tomato and basil soup. Children and staff thought it tasted delicious!


Drama Skills

This week, the Year 5 Jaguars have been honing their drama skills by rehearsing scenes from the Charles Dickens’ novel, Oliver Twist. Linking to our Victorian topic, the children have been tasked to perform scenes and write a play script, making links from both the book and film. 

In gymnastics,…

Year 5 have been practising stretch, star and tuck jumps. They have also been using their imagination on our wall bars, creating some wonderful shapes.


Safer Internet Day 2019

The Year 5 Jaguars have been looking at how to be ‘SMART’ online and they have started to create their very own information comics on e-safety.

Sketching Faces

The Year 5 Jaguars have been looking at portrait drawings – this week’s focus was the key facial features in males e.g. the square jaw.

Year 5 Jaguars’ Class Assembly

Year 5 amazed their audience! They have learned so much this term and enjoyed sharing it with our community. They sang brilliantly, spoke clearly and presented some of this term’s outstanding work.
Well done Year 5 and thank you to our #incrediblecommunity for your continued support.

Year 5 Film It

The Year 5 Jaguars were challenged with the task of creating a short information video on their current topic – World War One. They had to independently think of how to sequence the scenes, write their scripts, film it and edit it using iMovie. All groups did an amazing job and here’s just one fantastic example of the end product.

Years 5 and 6 Visit IWM North

All three of our Upper Key Stage 2 classes went to Manchester to visit the Imperial War Museum North. They enjoyed looking at a range of artefacts, interacting with displays and viewing a special film about the impact of war. The children also had the opportunity to view a poppy wave sculpture, which allowed them to reflect on the sacrifices made during The First World War.


In Year 5, we have created these emotive pieces which have been inspired by both our topic and the centenary of the end of The First World War. Creating these pieces has helped us to understand the loss that was suffered across the world and to understand the importance of the individual liberty that many fought and died for.


Sketching like Captain Nichols

The Year 5 Jaguars have been working hard all term at mastering sketching techniques. We have produced some wonderful sketches of Joey from Michael Morpurgo’s ‘War Horse.’

Multiplication Method Masters

The Year 5 Jaguars have been working really hard on their times tables and long multiplication methods this term. Here are two demonstrations of marvellous methods!

Defying Gravity

We created an investigation that allowed us to test whether we could defy gravity. Using a range of different bags, we tested whether we could generate more air resistance. Afterwards, we recorded our results and evaluated. #scienceweek

Greek Art

The Year 4 Jaguars have enjoyed learning all about the Ancient Greeks this half term. They have especially enjoyed our art morning, where we created some Ancient Greek clay pots and designed our own pottery on the iPads. We also created some beautiful scratch art work using Ancient Greek designs.


Year 4 Jaguars’ Class Assembly

What a fantastic assembly! The Jaguars amazed us all with singing, acting, narration, film AND dancing! We were very impressed with how much Year 4 have learnt this term – well done!
Thank you to our #incrediblecommunity for their support.

Mamma Mia!

The Year 4 Jaguars have enjoyed their musical performances of ‘Mamma Mia’ this half term, and have been practising using their vocal skills and working with glockenspiels. They have also been focussing on finding the pulse, pitch and rhythm in a wide range of Abba songs.

The Grand Unveiling

The Year 4 Jaguars enjoyed having their special visitor, Mrs. Allen MBE, coming in to unveil their magnificent Titanic display. Each cabin was designed and created by the children to create this wonderful display for our topic – The Titanic.