Year 3

Lest We Forget…

The Year 3/4 Owls have been working exceptionally hard to create the artwork for our Special Remembrance Assembly board. We have sewn poppies and created poppy wreaths using wax crayons. We signified ‘unity’ using our hands for the leaves of the wreath. 
We also read the story ‘Peace Lily’ by our friend Hilary Robinson and used this to think of questions in our philosophy lesson. Miss Spellman was really impressed with some of our deeper thinking questions. 

Fabulous Fireworks!

The Year 3/4 Owls looked at lots of different firework patterns and then recreated some of these using pastels. We blended the colours with our fingers. Have you spotted any of these patterns in the sky over the last few weeks?

The Gunpowder Plot

The children have been sorting sentences about The Gunpowder Plot into paragraphs using who, what, where, when and why. We are getting ready for our Big Write on Friday – a non chronological report. 

A Special Visitor

The Hedgehogs were lucky to have a special visitor, our Governor Mr White, who talked to the children about his experiences as a miner. We learned a lot about what it was like and enjoyed handling the coal. This was an also excellent opportunity for us to ask questions to help with our study of ‘an aspect of history that is significant in our locality’. 

Can Hedgehogs Sing? 

They most certainly can! 
These Year 3 musicians are making first class progress with their singing, playing and improvising!

Magic Musical Moments

Check out this Hedgehog’s concentration in her class music lesson. She’s learning to accompany Charanga’s ‘We lift our voices to sing’.

Boudicca’s Rebellion

The Year 3/4 Owls have had an amazing time learning about how Boudicca and her army rebelled against the Roman Empire in Britain. We used our Film It sessions to retell the story of how Boudicca’s land was stolen by the Romans, and how she fought bravely and won three battles. We can’t wait to create another film!

Music in the Hedgehogs

We have only had one music lesson so far and already the Hedgehogs are sounding very promising. Mrs. Sutton was impressed with our tunes and moves when she came to look through the door! 

Releasing GAS!

The Owls have been busy investigating states of matter. We investigated the weight of carbon dioxide and had a hoot doing this! Ask us about our results!