Year 2

Thank you Father David!

The Foxes really enjoyed their trip to see Father David at St John’s Parish Church this week. He told us all about The Easter Story and let us look around our village’s beautiful church.

What a Roarsome Assembly!

The Foxes entertained a huge audience this week with their amazing class assembly. They shared facts about dinosaurs, writing, music and art work. Mr Lennon would have been very proud of their recorder performance, it was very special. Thank you to our #incrediblecommunity for all your support and well done to all The Year 2 Foxes.

The Bees’ Favourite Books

The Year 1/2 Bees have enjoyed celebrating their favourite books on World Book Day this week. They shared what their favourite parts of their stories were and what makes their books special to them.

Busy Bees at Bolsover Castle

The Bees have been very busy this week exploring the beautiful Bolsover Castle. They had an amazing day out exploring a real castle whilst searching and identifying all the  features we have been learning about in our Topic ‘Knights and Castles’ this term.

Dinosaur Dimensions 

The Foxes have been learning a lot about length this week. We can measure in centimetres and metres, and we are really good at estimating. We used our measuring skills to mark out the dimensions of some of our favourite dinosaurs. It was amazing to see just how big a T-Rex was!

Foxes and Rabbits in the same room! 

This week, The Foxes were visited by Smarty, Gruff and Sapphire who are Netherland Dwarf Rabbits. The children asked some great questions and loved having a cuddle. Thank you to our lovely Dinner Ladies for bringing them in to see us and sharing your expert knowledge about these beautiful animals.


The Foxes have been using their colour mixing skills to explore different shades of green. We never knew there were so many different ones!

We are Chinese Bakers!

The Year 1/2 Bees have had a wonderful time this week weighing out ingredients, mixing and baking some delicious traditional Chinese biscuits. They decorated them with icing and sprinkles ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year.


Dinosaur Art 

The Foxes worked really hard on these dinosaur silhouette pictures. They used watercolours to create a wash and then used stencils to create their dinosaurs. They look wonderful and the children were really proud of their finished pieces.

Practical Maths

The Foxes really enjoyed exploring mass this morning. We spoke about grams and kilograms and looked for things in the classroom to weigh!

Fantastic Fossils

The Foxes have been creating dinosaur fossils this week. They have carefully planned, measured, cut and stuck to create their unique designs.


The Foxes are exploring different artistic styles during their ICT time. They are currently recreating  pointillist art in the style of Seurat.


Creative Creations

Look at these amazing Lego creations made at home by this dinosaur enthusiast. Absolutely brilliant!

Sharing is Caring!

The Foxes have been using counters to develop their division skills. They now really understand division and can also do it mentally too!

The Bees Brilliant Assembly

The Year 1/2 Bees have been busy this week practising and performing a wonderful Class Assembly based on our Space topic. They enjoyed sharing all their amazing learning and made everyone so proud with their outstanding performance and singing skills.

Funky Fractions

The Foxes used some of their ICT time to apply their knowledge of fractions! They are brilliant at dividing pizzas into fractions and super at navigating PurpleMash.