How to Make a Mustard Sandwich 

We loved reading about the varmints the seagulls in The Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch by Ronda and David Armitage. We were so excited about the mustard sandwiches that we followed instructions to make our own disgusting picnic to clear off the seagulls! Later, we used imperative verbs to write our own instructions. So, if you need to get rid of some pesky pests, you know who to ask! 

Puss In Boots

The Squirrels enjoyed their Puss In Boots workshop with the Northern Ballet. After looking at pictures of the ballet to learn the story, we warmed up by pretending to be Puss. We stretched, rolled and wiggled until we were ready to dance. There were lots of traveling moves as well as some exciting pair work. One of our favourites was the belt spinning! Eventually, we had danced the whole story and found ourselves doing elaborate bows to the King! This was a super workshop which used our concentration, acting skills and control. 


Our Year 1/2 Squirrels showing us their amazing bunny hops, star jumps and stretch jumps in their gymnastic lesson. We also saw some very brave climbing skills!

Thank you Father David!

The Hedgehogs and Squirrels had a wonderful time visiting Father David and our Parish Church of St John’s. He told us all about why we celebrate Easter, and we loved looking at all the beautiful artefacts. The stained glass windows were our favourite!

Squirrels’ Trip to Tropical Butterfly House

The Squirrels had a very special day at Butterfly House. They learned lots of interesting facts about furry, feathered and scaly animals and actually got the chance to stroke and hold a guinea pig, an owl and a tortoise! They loved walking around the different interactive enclosures; their favourites were the meerkats. They noticed how humid it was inside the beautiful butterfly house and spotted a snake and a tropical spider! At the end of the dinosaur trail, they even got to meet a T-Rex who turned out to be very friendly indeed! 

Crime Scene Investigators!

The Squirrels had an important job to do at the beginning of this week. They were asked to investigate a crime scene at the Three Bears’ house in the woods!

Squirrels Cook It

The Squirrels had a wonderful time baking Strawberry Buns in their Cook It week. This linked perfectly with our maths work this term on weighing and measuring as well as helping us with our fractions of quantities. In English, we have been writing the instructions using imperative verbs so that you can bake them too!

Jungle Adventure Stories

The Squirrels have been busy with creative writing. They have been using expanded noun phrases to write about finding a magic egg. This week we have been describing the setting when the magic egg took us back in time to the Jurassic Jungle. We used drama to act out our story problem and climax. 

Mary Anning

The Squirrels were very interested in the photograph of Mary Anning and they wished it would come alive! With some excellent questions prepared and a little bit of imagination, Mary Anning appeared!

Country Dancing


The Squirrels have been working very hard on their English Country Dancing. They have had to practise staying in time with the music, counting to 8 and 16, working with a partner and travelling through the space carefully. 
We have even linked the dance to our work on fractions. 8 and 8 are two equal halves of a whole – 16! Well done Squirrels!

Jack Frost

The Hedgehogs and Squirrels had an amazing afternoon at Barnsley Civic! The performance of Jack Frost was magical and really put us in the Christmas spirit!

Key Stage 1 Nativity

Our Year 1 and 2 children produced a fabulous Christmas Nativity which they performed for all of the Key Stage 2 children and staff. The singing, costumes and acting were all wonderful and any parent or friend who came to watch will have been royally entertained! Well done to all of our Key Stage 1 Staff and our amazing children – we’re very proud of you all!

Advent in the Squirrels

The Squirrels began their Advent preparations by taking a trip down the time tunnel. We noticed lots of significant events on our way! We passed the first Moon landing, the end of World War 2, the Great Fire of London and The Gunpowder Plot. When we got to Bethlehem, a shepherd was waiting to welcome us. Two shepherds shared their story of the very first Christmas. Afterwards, the children recalled  and recorded their learning in some shared writing. 

When God Saw The World

When God saw the world it looked good. He made fish, birds, beasts, insects and fruit. There were just the right animals living in just the right places. 

The Scarecrow’s Wedding

During our Film It week, children took photographs of drama freeze frames. Each photograph tells a part of the story of The Scarecrow’s Wedding. Afterwards, children created captions which they added to the film using text edit. 

Squirrels Spotted at Emmanuel Church

The Squirrels have been learning about the special words in The Bible, and exploring why this is an important book for Christians. During our visit to Emmanuel Church in Barnsley, we all had the opportunity to interact with and interpret stories, parables and miracles. We now have lots of follow up questions to explore in our classroom learning. 

Squirrels’ Class Assembly

The Squirrels loved planning, practising and performing their Class Assembly on our Celebrations topic. We included sharing our writing about birthday parties and our learning about Autumn. Two of our highlights were reciting a poem and showing off our Harvest Song. The children all spoke beautifully and clearly and we even enjoyed a musical performance from some of our recorder players. 
Thank you to our #IncredibleCommunity for their ongoing support.

Squirrels’ Maths

The Squirrels have been doing a lot of work on place value and addition this term in maths. This week, we introduced column addition for the first time.

The Squirrels Feed The 5000

In RE this half term, we have been considering why the Bible is an important book for Christians. This week, the Squirrels have been using drama and freeze frames to act out the story of Jesus Feeds The 5000. 
Some children were asking excellent questions such as: ‘Do Christians believe that God made the world?’ and ‘How did Jesus feed 5000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fish?’ 


Celebrations with the Squirrels

The Year 1/2 Squirrels have loved their Celebrations topic so far. In English lessons we have read stories about birthdays including Alfie Gives a Hand, Kipper’s Birthday and Angelina’s Birthday Surprise. The texts supported us as we planned a party ourselves. We wrote shopping lists, plans and invitations. When the big day finally arrived, we loved dancing, eating the birthday tea and  helping Alfie unwrap his presents. Finally, our Big Writes this week gave a recount of the party!