History & Geography

Martin Luther King

We are finding out about the inspirational life of Martin Luther King Jr. Our mission: To share our thoughts on how he impacted our world, to give opinions and to reflect on the ‘power of words’. Mrs. Sutton was inspired by the children’s knowledge, understanding and compassion.

The Power of Vocabulary

The Leopards have been learning about where some of our energy comes from and they watched some animations which contained lots of technical vocabulary. The children made note of words that they thought were good ones to steal or that they did not know the meaning of. Then, they used dictionaries or experts around class to find out what the words meant.

Spring Walk 

The Sunflowers and Daffodils had a wonderful time on their Spring Walk in our local area. They were amazing at spotting signs of Spring. They saw so many different flowers and plants and even learnt lots of new words, including catkin and rapeseed. The grownups were so proud of how sensible they all were and how polite they were to people passing by. Well done everyone!

London Landmarks 

This half term, the Year 1 Caterpillars are learning all about London landmarks as part of their ‘Fire! Fire!’ topic. We have started all the way back in 1666 with The Great Fire of London and we have been comparing what London looked like in 1666 with the present day!

Mapping Darwin’s Voyage

Our Year 6 children enjoyed working together to locate countries of the world, to locate cities and places that Charles Darwin visited aboard HMS Beagle, and to use the eight points of the compass to describe the directions that he travelled in.

Mapping Snowdon

While watching Espresso News, we heard about International Mountain Day. We then focused our attention on Snowdon and investigated it using an ordnance survey map. We used SIX figure grid references, and symbols and keys, to help build our knowledge of this area.


Save Our Oceans 

 The Hedgehogs returned to their classroom, after lunch, to discover someone had dumped all of their rubbish. The children discussed how this pollution would hinder their lives. After watching THE Blue Planet episode, they made notes in preparation for a (very) persuasive Big Write.

Housewife Soup

During our Cook It Week, we learned how we can make use of vegetables which can be easily grown in gardens and allotments. Our ‘housewife soup’ was scrumptious – many children wanted seconds! We also made use of the peel and scraps by passing them on to Miss Greenwood for composting!