History & Geography

Save Our Oceans 

 The Hedgehogs returned to their classroom, after lunch, to discover someone had dumped all of their rubbish. The children discussed how this pollution would hinder their lives. After watching THE Blue Planet episode, they made notes in preparation for a (very) persuasive Big Write.

Housewife Soup

During our Cook It Week, we learned how we can make use of vegetables which can be easily grown in gardens and allotments. Our ‘housewife soup’ was scrumptious – many children wanted seconds! We also made use of the peel and scraps by passing them on to Miss Greenwood for composting!

Trench Cake

The children discovered that ingredients were scarce during World War 1, so they learned about a cake recipe which could be made with a few ingredients… one being vinegar! Even though this may sound a bit peculiar, the end product was delicious!