History & Geography

A Letter from Joshua

The Butterflies had almost forgotten that they had written to Joshua, the main character in Candle Dark by Carole Anne Carr. But when Mrs Rennison came to visit with an unusual envelope for us, we guessed it must be Joshua writing back to us from the 1800s. He even enclosed the carrot he used to move Drummer through the mine and our National Coal Mining Museum trip letters. How exciting!

R for Retrieve and V for Vocabulary

The Sea Lions have begun a study on Women at War. They read an information sheet about the Women’s Land Army, and then answered a range of retrieval questions using the information they had read. Next, they read a poem addressed ‘To All Land Girls’ and used dictionaries to find the meaning of some tricky words such as ‘elegant’, ‘stalwart’, ‘slew’ and ‘feeble’. The Year 6 children are impressing Mr. Sandwith with how well they are working #Together.

Ladybirds Visit Scarborough

The Year 1/2 Ladybirds had a brilliant time on their school trip to Scarborough. We had the chance to explore the beach and build sandcastles. We had an adventure on a pirate ship and even got the opportunity to see a pod of dolphins in the sea. We then had a ride on a donkey and a yummy ice cream to end an amazing day. We had such a good time.

A Crown fit for a Druid

This week, the Tigers have been extending their knowledge of British history and have now moved forward to The Iron Age. Today, we learnt about the rich, Celtic history of Britain and the Druids who ruled over them. The Tigers were tasked with creating a crown fit for a Druid – using materials only found in nature.


Year 5 Trip to Creswell Crags

The Year 5 Tigers enjoyed an amazing day out to Creswell Crags. We learnt many interesting facts about Stone Age Britain and discovered the caves where people lived all those years ago. We even learnt many skills which would have been vital to surviving in those prehistoric times.

The Bronze Age

The children researched different aspects of the Bronze Age. After that, they used Publisher to create their own pages of a non-fiction book. Next, the children will edit and evaluate what they have done so far before completing their work and publishing their final drafts.