Hedgehogs’ Trip to Scarborough

The Hedgehogs had an amazing time in Scarborough. The weather was glorious and the sun shone all day. The pirate ship ride was very exciting and we felt like real pirates; we also loved playing in the sand. We loved our ice-creams even if they were a little bit gritty in places…

A Pirate’s Life For Me!

Over the past few days, the Hedgehogs have spent some time creating their own Pirate Songs. They thought a lot about rhyme and then practised performing their shanties before filming each other on the iPads. 

Smiles all round! 

The Hedgehogs had a well deserved treat on the trim trail this afternoon. Miss Betts is very proud of how hard they have worked and the amount of progress they have made this year! Well done Hedgehogs!

Musical Hedgehohs

The Hedgehogs have made amazing progress in recorders this year. They have learnt so much and they sound wonderful! Well done to all of the Hedgehogs.

Year 2 Hedgehogs’ Class Assembly

What a performance from our Year 2 children! They did SO well in front of a large audience. Our special visitors were treated to art, dinosaur facts, sharing of work, a display of how fossilisation works and songs based on their topic – ‘Dinosaurs’.
Well done to all the Hedgehogs, Miss Betts and Mrs. Gill and thank you #incrediblecommunity for your continued support.

Thank you Father David!

The Hedgehogs and Squirrels had a wonderful time visiting Father David and our Parish Church of St John’s. He told us all about why we celebrate Easter, and we loved looking at all the beautiful artefacts. The stained glass windows were our favourite!

Terrific Trip

The Hedgehogs had a wonderful day at The Tropical Butterfly House! We had fun exploring the dino trail and meeting all the different dinosaurs. We even met Rexy, the friendly T-Rex who actually moved! We saw meerkats, crocodiles, porcupines, otters and many more amazing animals. We had the best day and learnt a lot! Well done to The Hedgehogs for behaving beautifully – Miss Betts was very proud of you all. 



In gymnastics, Year 2 have been practising stretch, star and tuck jumps. They have also been using their imagination on our wall bars creating some wonderful shapes.

The Magic Egg

Over the past few weeks, the Hedgehogs have been spending a lot of time planning a story based around a special egg. They came up with some amazing ideas! After reading their plans, it was time to start writing ~ the end results were truly magical!

We are Creative!

The Hedgehogs have been very creative this week; both in the classroom and on the computer. The dinosaur silhouette pictures they created are beautiful and will be on display in our classroom shortly. This week, our ICT session was inspired by Piet Mondrian and his abstract style!

Dino Inspired Learning

During maths, the Hedgehogs have been using their measuring skills to mark out the dimensions of different dinosaurs…we nearly needed a bigger playground! They have also been spending some time researching one of their favourites dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Jack Frost

The Hedgehogs and Squirrels had an amazing afternoon at Barnsley Civic! The performance of Jack Frost was magical and really put us in the Christmas spirit!

Key Stage 1 Nativity

Our Year 1 and 2 children produced a fabulous Christmas Nativity which they performed for all of the Key Stage 2 children and staff. The singing, costumes and acting were all wonderful and any parent or friend who came to watch will have been royally entertained! Well done to all of our Key Stage 1 Staff and our amazing children – we’re very proud of you all!

Year 2 Hedgehogs’ Class Assembly

What a performance from our Year 2 children! Our special visitors were treated to poetry recitals, sharing of work and songs based on their topic – ‘Celebrations’.
Well done Hedgehogs and thank you #incrediblecommunity for your continued support.

Billy’s Big Day 


Over the past few weeks, the Hedgehogs have spent a lot of time planning Billy’s Party. They have been writing party plans, invitations and instructions as well as making birthday cards and decorations. All their hard work paid off as Billy had a wonderful time. Thank you to Mrs. Allen and Mr. Froggatt for buying Billy a present, and well done to all the Hedgehogs for planning such a wonderful afternoon! 

Billy’s Party Preparations 

The Hedgehogs really enjoyed their cook it week! They used their time in the kitchen to make buns and a cake for Billy’s party. Keep your eyes peeled for photos of the big celebration!