History & Geography


Yesterday, the Year 5/6 Tigers visited Robert Street Allotments in Cudworth. We learnt about the history of allotments, different types of fruit and vegetables that can be grown in the UK, and we even had the opportunity to taste some of the produce. It was a fantastic morning and we felt very privileged knowing that we have such a special place in our very own community.
Thank you again Steph, Lynn and Mick for taking the time to show us around #incrediblecommunity.

We Are Observers!

Year 6 loved visiting the allotments earlier this week, even if it was a bit wet on the way back! The experience will help us with our Geography and English lessons in school. Thank you to Steph for teaching us all about why we have allotments, what we can grow there and setting up a sensory session for us in the library. Thank you to Lynn and our governor Mick White for giving us a guided tour of Robert Street Allotments and showing us what is grown there. 

Boudicca’s Rebellion

The Year 3/4 Owls have had an amazing time learning about how Boudicca and her army rebelled against the Roman Empire in Britain. We used our Film It sessions to retell the story of how Boudicca’s land was stolen by the Romans, and how she fought bravely and won three battles. We can’t wait to create another film!

Where does fruit come from?

Year 6  have been finding out about what is grown in different countries. They have used a world map and digital maps to locate some countries and label them on a blank map. The Jaguars will keep labelling these maps throughout their topic.

The Great Roman Bake Off

Here’s our first display of the school year which showcases the ‘strangely tasty’ menus from Roman banquets. We are delighted with the quality of our artwork but we’re not keen to sample flamingo with dates or stuffed dormice!