Year 6

Mini Allotments

  The Jaguars have fully enjoyed designing and creating their mini allotments, having been inspired by their recent visit to Reobert Street Allotments. The children are very impressed with their results and it has helped...

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    Our Year 6s are enjoying their music lessons this term. Here they are singing and playing an accompaniment to Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’.

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  Yesterday, the Year 5/6 Tigers visited Robert Street Allotments in Cudworth. We learnt about the history of allotments, different types of fruit and vegetables that can be grown in the UK, and we even had the opportunity...

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We Are Observers!

  Year 6 loved visiting the allotments earlier this week, even if it was a bit wet on the way back! The experience will help us with our Geography and English lessons in school. Thank you to Steph for teaching us all about...

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