Art & Design

Comic Strips

Look at these wonderful comic strips! The Foxes drew their comics in Art and then used them in Literacy to add speech.
Super Work!

Mini Allotments

The Jaguars have fully enjoyed designing and creating their mini allotments, having been inspired by their recent visit to Reobert Street Allotments. The children are very impressed with their results and it has helped them when writing instructions in their English lessons.

We Are Pop Artists!

Year 6 Jaguars have used Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol as inspiration for our pop art designs. Thank you Peter Swidrak for introducing us to these famous artists!


The Tigers’ Art Morning

The Year 5/6 Tigers were fortunate enough to be visited by an artist this week. We looked at different artists and their styles of artwork. We were then tasked to create our own sculptures out of card to represent animals and people with an artistic twist.